Alex and us – Emotional weather

Groovy, warm and melancholic, this might be the perfect track to kick-start Autumn.

Alex and us where the music meets about

Emotional weather“, the title of Alex and us‘ latest single, released about a month ago, is not only a great title but also more like an emotional state of mind that matches with the grey weather that we now see more and more in our almost Autumn skies.

The track was born of an experimental track actually inspired by warm weather. We definitely can feel the warmth in the combination between the acoustic guitar and the rich and deep bass elements. The vocals on top give the track a different dimension though. One that is much more melancholic while steel sweet and very much groovy. There is a gorgeous cadence in “Emotional Weather” that while quite circular leaves us wanting for more. The groovy guitar elements hook us every single time, and the clever vocals achieve that perfect mix of sounding like the voice in our brains and at the same time some kind of external guide for peace.

There are elements that remind us of a Moloko track – may be due to the groovy bass elements that easily sound electronic more than any other genre – and others that drive us more like a jazzy track. Either way, this always sounds like a hug all the way. Definitely a track to listen to with less moderation.

About Alex and us:

Alex and us where the music meets about

Formed during the pandemic and respective multiple lockdowns, Alex and us are Bruna Oliveira, Luís Afonso and Vasco Nunes, three Portuguese musicians, who since 2020 created a considerable set of songs. Due to the lockdowns, they worked on the project remotely, even managing roughly to rehearse remotely. Only after several months of progressing like this, did Vasco and Luís meet with Bruna in person and started working physically together. Their influences come from indie, alternative rock/pop and world music, but they don’t want to be limited by styles.

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