Wolfskind & BAYUK feat. LLUCID – 75%

Wolfskind & BAYUK meet LLUCID on a brilliant take on modern society that feels both breezy and powerful. This is "75%".

Wolfskind & BAYUK where the music meets

Starting gently with a melancholic piano, “75%”, the latest collaboration between three distinct German-based musicians, is proof that modern music is evolving with taste and without leaving out some of the best trends from the past.

The track marks another collab between Wolfskind and BAYUK, two musicians that since 2019 with the release of the single “Overdose” have been joining their harmonies together and making an impact in the indie world with it. “75%” is part of the EP entitled “Your Social Battery” that feels self-explanatory as a critic of the modern society, to which we are all at least a small bit culpable.

The track starts by singing that “75%” is not enough, merging a gorgeous jazzy based drum and bass just like by singing about emergent problems we need to feel relaxed or the ideal soundtrack to take it all in. The track turns more to a rock side when the electric guitar flows right in, but through it all, we feel the need to listen repeatedly in order to take everything in.

Like a proper matter that seems to be portraying, in “75%” we get a strong rap base that feels floating, intense but very quickly gone, leaving us in that place where we need to go back at it again. In reality, we are never really giving or having 100% anymore, anywhere or with anyone. The way the percentage is sung melancholic both before and after the hip hop elements is not only genius but also catchy and ironic. For more than one minute we are left with the softness of the piano and the lighting of the guitar and the drums that in everything but a contradictory way, leave us somehow soft and groovy while reflecting on our modern posture.

About Wolfskind & BAYUK:

wolfskind and bayuk

The young Berlin-based duo “Wolfskind & Bayuk” managed to create something very few musicians in today’s music landscape seem to achieve: they’ve created a sound of their own, that expands far beyond both their solo projects and lets you space out into a surreal, yet catchy world.


Wolfskind started his musical career online in 2016 by uploading unofficial remixes to SoundCloud. Quickly gaining a lot of followers and being played all over the world, he was signed to Universal Music Publishing, where he got into songwriting for the first time. Being known for only one kind of sound and feeling obliged to continue writing pop music for three more years was hard for him. It was when he met BAYUK, that making music felt different and, for the first time in a long time, actually really meant something to him again. This experience made him work towards ending the contract with UMPG and continue with the kind of music he realised he wanted to create. Wolfskind then started producing for German hip hop artist badchieff, released singles with WizTheMc and Benjamin Amaru quickly ranking up more than 13 million streams on Spotify.

More on Wolfskind: https://www.instagram.com/wlfsknd/


BAYUK is the project of German artist Magnus Hesse. In 2016 Magnus had already decided to pursue a film career with a degree in arts and media studies when a song he had recorded in a garage band, randomly got into the hands of German indie producer Tobias Siebert, who then wanted to work on an album with him.

BAYUK wasn’t accepted at the film school and took it as a sign to only make music from that time on. He released his first solo album “Rage Tapes“ via his own label in 2018, playing numerous support tours and shows afterwards (Calexico, MaeckesMe And My Drummer, Tristan Brusch and many more). At the end of this exciting year, he met Wolfskind. Collaborating with him almost felt like a whole new project and the perfect outlet for another more modern side within him.

BAYUK released his second solo album called “Exactly The Amount Of Steps From My Bed To Your Door” via Grönland Records in summer 2021, a label he was always hoping to work with one day. After multiple collaborations including songs with uprising artists such as Paul Wetz, BAYUK now counts 200k monthly listeners on Spotify and could be just getting started. 

More on Bayuk: https://linktr.ee/bayukmusic


LLUCID is the type of inconspicuous skinny kid who puts all of his introverted energy into his passion for music while ducking social obligations. Only to return with genre-bending tracks that keep people asking if it’s really him rapping & singing when he effortlessly combines nimble rap flows & catchy hooks.

Starting out on the drums at the age of 7 he quickly developed a passion for music which led to learning new instruments and producing his own music. Inspired by artists like J. Cole, Kendrick, Mac Miller and .Paak he carved out his own style combining organic textures with tactile hip hop beats & thought-proving lyrics. Always keeping it nonchalant. “The process of coming of age and developing my musical fingerprint has been going hand in hand ever since and music has always helped me step out of my comfort zone, coping with bad emotions and such so this is what my music is about

The Berlin-based artist has produced music in various genres for artists like Samy Deluxe, Wallis Bird, Hundreds and MADANII.

More on LLUCID: https://linktr.ee/LLUCID