Kyle Sparkman – Golden Teacher

We all need something to teach us how to make the most out of life. Meet Kyle Sparkman's take on it.

Kyle Sparkman

Have you ever experienced one of those teachers that changed your life? Kyle Sparkman’s latest single “Golden Teacher“, could be about finding someone who teaches us how to take the best out of life, be it a proper someone or a particular type of fungus.

Starting electric with a gorgeous guitar and drum combo, and Black Keys-like vocals, the track takes no time to hook the listener completely in. The flawless production and very much funk-rock provide that Summer vibe that we tend to listen to while on a road trip or just chilling with friends. Actually, this is a track about life and about insecurities and making sure we take the best out of life, so everything seems appropriate. “Golden Teacher” delves into the gritty rock inspirations of Kyle Sparkman’s musical upbringing. Kyle also states the song was named after “a particularly enlightening magic fungus” and “is a musical representation of a psychedelic trip“.

Kind of circular in structure the track never ceases to get us right into it especially because of the way the “bumm bumm” played by the bass and the drums always draw a special pace for the listener, while the chorus slides just like a tender-chilling wave that comes away regularly to wash away our troubles.

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Kyle Sparkman

Philadelphia-based, Kyle Sparkman music style can be described as a guitar-driven, funky, indie rock one. “Some songs are super funky, others tender“. Taking his chances with his real name and not an alter ego, “it just so happens to be a good stage name for someone with red hair” he says (about Sparkman), and we agree. With influences that range from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Mac DeMarco and Cage the Elephant, this is Kyle’s second release in 2022 after “Breakthrough” after a debut EP in 2021 and several singles in 2020, bringing a solid base for bigger accomplishments and a solid listener base all around the world.

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