Strange Bouquets – Mirrors

Strange Bouquets' "Mirrors", their official debut single, is a chaotic rocker meant to be played at maximum volume.

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Strange Bouquets

The moment those punchy drums and those snarling, heavy bass tones, come crashing down, you know you’re in for a treat. Then comes the fuzzy guitars, the noisy saxophones, the gnarly vocals. This is how Strange Bouquets‘ debut single, “Mirrors”, begins – and it’s literally just the start.

According to Rory Morison (Drug Hunt, BVGF), the man behind Strange Bouquets, “Mirrors” is “an antidote for the pandemic and what spurred from it, an existential examination”, having been recorded with several Southern California musicians who came together during the pandemic to play. That anxiety can be heard all across the track, but it’s the saxophone textures which guarantee it’s, somehow, always there (a saxophone does improve a tune- it’s a rule meant to be followed with heart).

Mirrors” sounds chaotic, with its prog-rock undertones, but it’s a psychedelic rock track that screams fazed-out deserts, heavy bong hits and loudspeakers to be played from. It’s as if the Australians Thee Oh Sees took a trip to Southern California and decided to employ some of Mars Volta‘s tricks in a song. Doesn’t warrant saying “Mirrors” goes quite hard and should be played at maximum volume – all the time.

About Strange Bouquets

strange bouquets
Photo taken by @umm.erica (IG)

Already celebrated for his work with the neo-psychedelic hard rock band Drug Hunt, Rory Morison chases down a new buzz with Strange Bouquets, his collaborative solo project. “Mirrors“, the debut single of the project, was recorded with the aid of several of Morison’s musician friends from Southern California.

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