Artwork 🎨 by @laurainka (IG) Photo 📸 by @milly.rob (IG)
Since the beginning of this magazine that we have been receiving great electronic tracks. For some reason, we didn’t post about those submissions because we felt they should be integrated into a specific mood. We are now building that mood with a monthly post focusing on the best of indietronica. This is electromental – part 15.

Coffee Shop Jungle – Omotesando

Jungle, DNB and coffee – can life get any better? we don’t think so. With contributions from DJ Zinc, Makoto, Mitekiss and a bunch of undercover artists, Coffee Shop Jungle are here to fill that gap ☕️. One of their latest and most successful track yet is entitled “Omotesando“. This is a track that features jungle/DNB legend and Japanese DNB superstar Makoto who alongside the group has made something more chilled than normal music. Let yourself go, and don’t be afraid to disrupt your coffee routines by standing and moving your feet a bit or just chilling around your mind: this can certainly take you there.

Flowen – Open Your Eyes

Flowen wrote “Open Your Eyes” at a time of his life when he had very intense dreams for weeks on end. He would wake up a layer at a time, all being very vivid. He tried to express this experience in music, every time the track drops it descends a microtone (half a semitone) in pitch with variations on the main theme. This is his 5th single to be released – “my previous tracks have a total combined Spotify stream count of 10 million“. The huge amount of elements the track offers keeps us awake for sure and this one in the line between dance music and introspection music. A great experience that showcases how “mental” an electronic track can be.

droefkalkoen – Infusoria, Pt. 3

droefkalkoen is a 29-year-old producer based out of the Dutch city of Leeuwarden. He describes his music as a mix of electronic and downtempo with bits of lo-fi twists. Being a chemistry teacher himself there is also a chemistry component to his electronic mixes and the latest “Infusoria, Pt.3” is a clear example of that. The song is the third track and last track of a short album entitled “Infusoria” which provide the experience of songs flowing into each other in a sequence, but as you can experience they also work very well by themselves. The track grows from start to end and there is a nice soundtrack vibe that turns more and more electrical the more we get to the end of it. Danceable, catchy even, this is a gorgeously complex network of electronic bits and hows.

KDYN – Unusual

Unusual” marks the start of a new musical journey from KDYN – one of the UK’s most promising talents. The new direction incorporates elements of house, electronic and garage blended with vocal samples. The track feels very mature in terms of electronic elements and overall feels good the more times you listen to it. There are subtle variations all around and gorgeous hooks that instantly make you wanna move and dance around. At the tender age of 16, KDYN has a huge future ahead of him and will pave the way for a new generation of electronic producers. 

John Brown – It’s All Love

Born in San Francisco but influenced around the world, John Brown is a versatile rapper and producer, under the moniker theBURBSLIFE. Integrating classic sample-based styles with contemporary vibes, JB is building his own sound, as he finishes his latest project WØRLDTØÜRtheALBUM. “It’s All Love” is taken from that album and features an instrumental offering to the things we love. A gorgeous lo-fi house production that easily feels funky, relaxed and with a lot of feel-good vibes that even defy the listener to dance along and express him/herself. There are retro vibes in the vocal elements and a sonority that feels familiar but also very fresh.

Lily Juniper – Shoulders

Lily Juniper is a chilled vocal electronic artist from London, writing songs about feelings. Drawing influences and inspirations from artists on the fringes of experimental electronic pop, such as Maribou State and Sylvan Esso to Caribou and Bon Iver, she marries warm organic vocals with textural electronic elements to invite you into her internal world. After collaborating behind the scenes and taking a hiatus from music, she just released her first single ‘Shoulders‘. The track is accompanied by visual artwork by Laura Matikainen who works with emerging artists to create visual identities for their music.

Shoulders” is about trying to shed the weight of other people’s needs, expectations and impressions of you, written during the pandemic at a time when the weight of the world was heavy on many people’s shoulders.

Sound of Fractures – Sunflowers

British DJ and music producer Jamie Reddington is driven by building a listening experience that people can turn to when they want to feel something, which he describes as “emotional electronic music” drawing heavily from real life, people, family, friends, and honest connections.  In his electromental alter ego Sound Of Fractures he lets himself inspired by his love of films, stories, and human experiences to share an honest and visceral experience through his music, which takes on an air of nostalgia through its sound & imagery.

Sunflowers” his latest track, is about escaping the things that hold you back. Breaking free from the shackles. “It’s different for every person but we all have something: our past, our surroundings, anxieties, and insecurities. and we also all have moments where we are free from them. Sunflowers is a celebration of when we feel our most free”.

St. James Park – 000kick

St. James Park’s new single, “000 kick”, represents a new-found skin for the artist, presenting a sound that is energized by the effervescence of dance music, a clear shift from his previous work. Included in the upcoming EP “The Mad,” to be released in September, he entertains a side of him that is bound by no expectations, guided by a manifesto that clearly says, “I can be whoever I wish to be, and I can produce and experiment whatever I feel like. Watch me keep you on your toes”.

U n O & El Lázaro – Æterna

“Æterna” is the name of the full-on Mexican collaborative track between U n O and the band El Lázaro. The song, described as being about “the ethereal step into the transition from one world to another”, is a mixture of electronic sounds, ethereal and gorgeous post-rock landscapes, all jangled up into a puzzle that feels just as transcendent as to try and read the title of the song.

Most of these tracks (and previous tracks featured in Electromental) are also in our Spotify Playlist: