Melrose – 1000 Grams

The newest track by Melrose extends for 7 minutes. Some very brief 7 minutes where we enter a gorgeous new indietronic world.

photo by @veniejsmont (IG)
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Every our song is in some way trippy, same for music videos. This song has 3 main parts, but there is a multilevel music story behind it“. That’s how Melrose describe their newest track, the incredibly defying “1000 Grams“.

Three parts that feel like three distinct trips, or a trip with three very distinct parts. At the beginning of “1000 Grams“, we are visited by some kind of static and a piano that emerges in the back introducing a mysterious story. The piano stops and we feel some drops that turn electronic, a beautiful soundscape that pursues the same mysterious vibe. There is a story behind it for sure, we feel like being introduced as if we are watching a movie. The super-tender vocals take our breath away since around the 2nd minute (already 2 minutes? life does go by like a whisper). There is a gorgeous classicism in the way the vocals tell the story: “the word pressed so much pain into her little body” echoes in our ears.

1000 Grams” extends for 7 minutes. Some very brief 7 minutes that provide the listener with a beautiful trip-voyage. As much as we want to get into the dark parts of our minds, we can, with it as a soundscape. The vocal choirs that make us somewhat frozen inside, are yet and yet again surprised with gorgeous variations of a track that goes from pop to jazz and RnB, but that finds its ultimate habit in what we describe as the indietronic genre. There is something for everyone in a track that feels overwhelming the more you listen to it. And take for granted you’ve never heard something like it.

How many times can we say that for modern music?

P.S. We can’t wait for the music video.

Melrose in studio
Photo: @de_es_en

Melrose is an audiovisual journey that connects the experience of electronic music with graphics, paintings, animations and movies. An eclectic collage of jazz, rock, electronic samples, synths, piano, and string instruments, relates to multiple genres such as left field, breakbeats trip-hop, downtempo, and synth-pop. Inspired by film soundtracks, club and classical music, as well as the British electronic scene of the 90s, Melrose has collaborated with various musicians and vocalists, in order to craft a unique and organic sound. The project was first brought to life in 2018 by Michal Strzelczyk, who lives and works in Poznan, Poland.

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