Michael Baker – In The Light

The blues can be happy. And catchy! Ask Michael Baker.

Michael Baker

To this Anglo-French singer/songwriter the blues are everywhere, even in the beautiful and happy things.

After three quite acclaimed studio albums since 2016, Michael Baker came back with another lesson to tell. “In The Light” makes part of his new, 4th album and is powerful and powerless, is strong and weak but after all, is a heart hug. The poem is both simple and complete, right from his heart to ours, like a grandfather’s advice.

The song has this first day of school kind of feeling: I can imagine my young self, seeing my beloved people for the first time in two months, with another school year at our door, with all our lives ahead of us, everyone drunk in young love… Pure joy and happiness. I know for a fact that it is not that easy putting those feeling into chords, musical ideas and melodic/harmonic lines. Michael did it effortlessly and the result is “In The Light“, a positivity-filled tender song.

Although the main subjects are both the passing of time and self-realisation, Michael is able to make them softer, sweeter topics and almost innocently, he hooks the song up with something we all know: “The more you live, the less you know“. Highly relatable, right?

Michael says: “I originally wrote In The Light imagining that feeling of being ready to die. It came from a memory of Dad turning to me, around the time of his retirement, and saying ‘If I died now I would die a happy man.’ Imagining that feeling of being fulfilled to the top actually turned into the realisation of the song.

My only advice is for you to watch out for the catchiness of it!: This friendly indie-pop-rock track is coming for your ears and brain and before you know it, you will find yourself whistling the chorus all day long. Trust me.

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