Burs – Lily

Meet Burs and their engaging melancholic folk rock with their newest single "Lily".

Burs artwork

Burs are Lauren Dillen, Ray Goudy, Devon Savas and Oliver Compton, a folk meets rock-influenced band. whose sonority lies somewhere in a type of dream-pop that feels friendly, contemplative but still intense.

Having released their debut EP “Through Windows” two years ago, they garnered attention from several indie media being described as “a feverish, throttling introduction full of feeling and intent…a defiant spectrum of folk and rock-influenced dream pop“.

Their latest single is entitled “Lily” and was originally written in their earliest composition days. Emerging from a drifting guitar that grows until the vocal introduction, the track alternates lyrical depth with strong rock-based hooks, and while based on what could sound like a banal vocal echoing, there is a strength in the way their melancholy comes through.

They say: Lily is the angry surrendering of a failed attempt to separate intimacy and love. Specifically, the habit of a young girl to give herself away in the naïve pursuit of a casual relationship.”

Photo by @christinaoyawale + @oliver.compton (IGs)

The track serves as the introduction to their upcoming debut record (to be released this Fall.

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