Conversation Piece – rose colored dreams

Conversation Piece's "rose colored dreams" screams longing from start to finish - and it bloody rocks.

Photo by @shannonwatsonnn (IG)

Any record cover that screams hazy music is a top-tier cover. We don’t make the rules. One look into Conversation Piece‘s rose colored dreams, their latest EP, cover, and you’re instantly transported into a world of breezy surroundings, psychedelia-infused pinks and purples, and twangy, late-night scenarios. And, yes – their music sounds exactly like that description.

The title track from the EP – “rose colored dreams” – is a particular stand-out in how it particularly captures the universe. The driving basslines turn the song into a driving tune, while the jangly guitars place us in a desert, longing for something that feels so far so gone, yet somehow, feels so close at the same time. It’s emo-adjacent (can’t ignore the vocal performance here, can we? Pure Fourth Wave!), post-Turnover indie pop, made for those who like to daydream and run around with friends as night crashes down. And, well? It bloody rocks.

About Conversation Piece

Conversation Piece
Conversation Piece

Conversation Piece is the name of Orlando, Florida, four pieces consisting of Alex Budnick, Kaylie Sang, Thomas Filbert, and Eric Budnick. They play dreamy, emo-adjacent, indie pop, and in 2022, they released an EP called rose colored dreams. It’s rather dope, so you could check it out. “rose colored dreams” was their first proper release since their 2019 record “coordinates.

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