[TGIF] Like Full HD Hugs

Sometimes new music embraces us in such a fresh way that even the warm temperatures can't take anything away from us. This is TGIF.

Summer going all out in Lisbon and the heat is giving few space to breathe. The warm nights are only tolerable because of the huge amount of great music coming out. It seems that we are finally lifting off from past struggling times in what new music concerns and more and more tracks are being released every day – even during Summer times. We get back to a Thank God It’s Friday at a proper Friday as a result. Here’s to the longest days of the year.

BOO SEEKA – I Like It Like

In 2022 BOO SEEKA has set his eyes on writing, recording & releasing their much-anticipated sophomore album & unsurprisingly hit the road to support it, armed with a brand new live show. They will, at least for now, do it all over Australia, but as you can see from their latest “I Like It Like” they should be exploding all over Europe too. Taking inspiration from the likes of Jungle, Parcels, Glass Animals and Leisure, the combination between pop elements and electronic sonority is some sort of marginal one in their tracks, and this is probably the best example of that yet. There are vibes of alternative pop all over it, a catchy chorus, and impactful electronics that make the chorus very short in terms of vocals but very hooking overall, and there is a track that could play forever.

As one of the best tracks we heard recently, this track was added to our best of indie music playlist on Spotify. You can listen to it (and follow it) here.

Comakid feat. Brooke Howard – Full HD Hugs

Full HD Hugs”, which is also the title track of Comakid’s upcoming EP, is one of the most alluring songs out of his latest releases. Understated and dusty, yet also elegant and driving, the single features Brooke Howard on vocals and the result of this collaboration is nothing but memorable. Supported by the throbbing, somewhat industrial rhythm, Brooke’s voice floats effortlessly over a mix of gritty and mesmerising synths, drawing the listener in during the verses and then launching into the open chorus hook. One can definitely hear Comakid’s versatility and wide range of influences through this tune which can easily fit in selections from lovers of various electronic music genres.

Danger Twins – Thing of Beauty

Thing of Beauty” was released in late 2019 right before the pandemic by the Nashville-based indie duo DANGER TWINS, however, the track is now getting into the viral mode, and the reasons why that is happening are easily explainable if you watch their latest live video for it. With an incredible amount of power that finds its honey spot on the merge of pop, electronics and some pretty hooking drum flow, the vocals also shine through a bit like what we’ve seen before in Two Feet. Of course, there is a commercial charge in it (Imagine Dragons and Marian Hill anyone?) but this is the kind of alt-pop that makes alternative music cross the lines from underground to very much mainstream. No wonder why. Sick sick track.

King Monday – Chuggs

Chuggs” paints the musical portrait of a free party in the UK countryside. Sherwyn aims to highlight the tribal and ritualistic nature of these parties and pay respects to dance music in its purest form. The fuzzy guitars and gorillaz-esque production is complimented by industrial samples inspired by warehouse raves that were prevalent in the late 90s. The track is the second advance from an album cycle that includes new material as well as reworks of King Monday material with long-time collaborator Azileli. Songs augment, rearrange, respond to, and rework their own components until listeners are entirely immersed in the world KM creates.

LEFT. (feat. Luar) – Whiplash

LEFT. has just released the refreshing new single “Whiplash”. The singer, songwriter and producer from Lisbon is back with this indie pop song with neo-emo inspirations, super fresh and captivating. The theme is driven by its energetic beat and a clear intention to tell stories. “I wanted to write a song about my love of cinema, the nostalgic feeling of renting movies in a physical store, listening to Panic! At the Disco and meeting someone before social media even existed“. Inviting every listener to find out about all the movie references in the track (beyond the obvious Whiplash?), what impressed us the most was the level of production that keeps firing and incredible sonority. The vocals sound straight-front, the bass lines sound insanely sharp and groovy and the whole simplicity behind the track makes it still very modern and catchy.

sfven – don’t jump the gun

don’t jump the gun” is the first of 10 new singles planned by Derby’s indie-pop artist Sfven. The song sees Sfven confronting unhealthy work ethics, creating an infectiously quirky bedroom-pop anthem in his signature multi-layered sound. Championed by Dork, MTV and Notion, tours with KAWALA, Spill Tab and HYYTS, UK city festival appearances plus a multitude of BBC support including Radio 1 plays via Annie Mac, Radio 1 Future Artists feature via Jack Saunders plus a Maida Vale live session, you get the point of where this is going to catapult him to. It’s no wonder when you put your ears on this. The amount of power that fires from start to end, the hooking chorus (very difficult to let go) and the way this sounds Summer-ish, modern and retro at the same time is just incredible. The track comes accompanied by a nice clip that portrays his composition ambient and jokes around like an old-looking MTV video clip.

The People Versus – Ocean Family

Ready to feel all the good feels? The People Versus have been quickly recognised as one of the most exciting talents coming out of the Folk Music scene in Oxford, UK with one journalist describing their sound as “haunting folk fairytales powered by sheer pop euphoria”. Well, we rarely cite information from a press release, but couldn’t agree more. Maybe their sound is not maybe just Folk as we feel as a merge with indie pop, dream pop and even bits of old-style rock, but there is definitely an incredible aura around “Ocean Family” (their latest track) that really hooks us completely. “This is an upbeat summer song about Achilles and Patroclus from the perspective of Thetis, Achilles mother“. Doesn’t matter if you’re interested in ancient Greece or not, the amount of energy, good vibes, beautiful hooks and overall light and poetry in this, is from another world. Gorgeous track!

As one of the best tracks we heard recently, this track was added to our best of indie music playlist on Spotify. You can listen to it (and follow it) here.

Zariyah Natalya – That’s Life

Endangered” – Zariyah Natalya’s 5 Song EP Features the track “That’s Life” which is an upbeat fun Rnb/Pop track filled with meaningful lyrics but in a fierce take. Staying urbanized and feminine yet envisions a catchy tune with a very dynamic beat. The track fits the newness of today’s style of music while still being unique to create a rare ambience. The lyrics depict life being filled with twists and turns but still remaining on top and keeping confidence in one’s self. With obvious strength taken from 90’s RnB, what works the best for us is the way the vocals sound sensual, modern but still natural and superorganic, fitting perfectly with the flawless pop production of the track. There is still a Caribbean appeal rooted in the artist Trinidad ancestors and maybe because of that we can see in this also a lot of what made Rihanna a superstar.