Medium Build – ALONE IN MY CAR

Medium Build's newest "ALONE IN MY CAR" is a gorgeous lo-fi pop track that not only fulfils any room it plays but also plays up to the heart stuff.

Photo by @bethlehemshalom
Medium Build

Ready for those Friday blues? Medium Build‘s latest track “ALONE IN MY CAR” is a gorgeous lo-fi pop track that not only fulfils any room it plays but also plays up to the heart stuff.

The track was written early last year, at the start of a new relationship and talks about human conditions and how to be gentle and caring when we are not that used to be more than loners. Medium Build took several tries at recording it because they wanted to portray that gentle long slow build, that is also ideal when starting a new relationship. But also like a new relationship, it’s very hard to keep it down and far away from the excitement. We feel that in the track. There is an emotional sonority that we know will eventually explode. And when it does it’s better than what we’ve imagined for almost the whole entirety of the track.

It’s evident the amount of commercial potential the track has, and for that, you only need the first couple of seconds. The heavy and gorgeous bass, and the way the honey-deep vocals go along with the other minimalist elements until that explosion (beyond midway of the track) are just gorgeous and hooking as hell.

Intimate and lonely. Sad and warm. It should feel like ur riding in a car on painkillers. Or maybe just almost asleep but then you remember you don’t want to die anymore. That’s dark…fuck. This song is me trying to remember it’s okay. Sometimes I get so sad that I attempt to numb all feelings.  Oftentimes after a day like that, I wake up craving sincere connection. Like a sick cycle. This song is about the rollercoaster of emotional being

About Medium Build

Medium Build
Photo by @bethlehemshalom

Medium Build is the moniker of Anchorage, Alaska-based songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Nick Carpenter. He’s a storyteller first, weaving the timeless subjects of breakups, heartbreaks, and life changes (big and small) with precocious rhetoric. It’s difficult to pinpoint Medium Build’s sonic style. He’s ever-evolving by taking bits and pieces from his love of 80s country to 90s R&B to craft his own version of a richly layered indie/alternative soundscape. Behind the aid of blending raw electronics and intricate textures, Medium Build’s poignant reflections of seclusion extend with intellect and magnetism.

This is the third time we write about Medium Build in just one year. You can find previous words on the project here and here.

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