Private Island – Natural

"Natural", the latest track from Private Island, feels like the perfect merge between indie and mainstream sonority plays to hook us for life.

Stepping into the commercial feel, Private Island sonority is still obviously an alternative mix between rock and alt-pop. “Natural” is their latest track and one that grows on us, by the way, it sounds both warm, with depth and precious, and a lot familiar.

The track was originally written 5 years ago with producer Bob Curtin, and with time the band felt the song not only survived their several rounds at it but actually grew among them. It is now featured as part of their new EP “Valleyheart“.

“We initially struggled to write the lyrics, so to remedy that, we brought on our Ex-Tour Manager/Buddy, Andrew Sedo as a co-writer. After many renditions, the song was ultimately written about dead weight and the relief felt once shed”.

Cover for upcoming EP Valleyheart

There is, for us, a natural Imagine Dragons type of sonority in the chorus, but the track goes deeper outside the main hooks, even into dream-pop vibes. There is all along a very deep drum flow and an airy feeling to flawless instrumental scenery. And that’s mostly what makes it a very hard track to let go of. That and the fact that the chorus sticks into our minds so naturally, that it scares us.

About Private Island:

Southern California alt/rock outfit Private Island is self-described as “an approachable band from Southern California”. The band has built success through consistent, fan favourite releases driven by shares, and their live performance. While they have had impactful press looks along the way, #1 on Hype Machine in 2016 with “Drugs” and #1 Alternative chart on Soundcloud with the same record. The band’s momentum has been primarily carried by fans, and energetic performances (most recently headlining the El Rey in Los Angeles).

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