Warhaus – Open Window

Life, love, pleasure and an astonishing rhythm. Just like wine, Warhaus is back, and he keeps getting better and better.

Windows open hopes renewed. The breeze flows outside, straight up to our faces. Our soul receives that caress of nature so strongly and keenly as if it were a message. Our problems, anguish, truths, or lies are stripped away by an open window and a breeze.

Maarten Devoldere is back with his solo project. And it is with his new single that we feel in our most fragile state ever, open to the world from one end to the other, without beating around the bush or daydreaming. Take a look at it.

Open Window

We know Maarten for his immaculate work in Balthazar, the Belgian band that wins our hearts with every new song he releases, but it is with his solo project, Warhaus, that we feel we have known the artist forever as if we were talking to a best friend.

And it’s not a fantasy at all: after two records that play on repeat in our heads almost every day (We Fucked a Flame Into Being in 2016, Warhaus in 2017) – where we highlight Love’s a Stranger, a sensual and sexual motif that reminds us of our most beloved with every passing second, we arrive in the summer of 2022 with a sweet one, by her name Open Window.

The song is the entry point to the artist’s new album – amidst the cruel world of unrequited passions we are seduced by the endless rhythm of piano and drums in unison, in such an epic way that we can’t stop listening. At once familiar (from something we’ve heard before), but at the same time completely new and fresh, as if for the first time. This beat is a candidate for best of the year, so epic it is.

The way the song was conceived, is linked to a stunning music video where all the memories, sensations and experiences lived by the artist are laid bare, falling, literally, from the sky, as he goes about eating as if he were a superhero, unfeeling and strong until the end – but fallen into his reality, of loving someone who doesn’t correspond.

As strange and incredible as it sounds, the song gives me security and confidence, even though it was released at one of the most troubling times in my life. It gave me immense hope – and I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it came out. This hope is also reflected in love, with its instrumental already becoming one of my 2022 pillars for a relationship that is for life.

Warhaus is just that: the rawest, most beautiful and sensitive version of the artist Maarten Devoldere – an anthem for feelings, an anthem for passion and an incredible way of expressing himself, worthy of a true artist.

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