[TGIF] Wherever We Are

New songs and a new Summer. Sometimes what we all need is to restart fresh.

The Summer kicks in well for us. We finally managed to get our hands into more music that takes us to a different state of mind and makes it possible for us to dream out loud. And like a proper homage, we get back to a Thank God It’s Friday at a proper Friday. Here’s to the longest days of the year.

AYU – Astrophobia 2.0

AYU does her own thing. The Swiss songstress & producer delivers a mixture of contemporary Pop, future-thinking Electronics, catchy RnB tunes and sweet Indie. Her so-called Trip Pop is a deep push-pull dialogue in which heart-stoppingly honest lyrics meet rhythmic x dreamy vocals, and futuristic beats are combined with swirling guitar patterns. “Astrophobia 2.0” is the first song she has ever written and a song she has been playing live but has only now been released. “now is the time. astraphobia 2.0 is about being quite scared of love, being scared of relationships maybe, being scared of committing to someone apparently. I wrote that song when I was dating someone and everything was super sweet and romantic and we were hanging out as if we were a couple, but both of us didn’t want to commit to each other. for reasons. I had been in a relationship for some years before and was scared of opening up again and didn’t know if I was ready for that whole thing, also because I was scared about the ‚what if it won’t work out in the end“.

byelian – whenever it’s too quiet

byelian is a singer/songwriter coming from the deep west of Germany. He constantly moves towards connection, the connection between people, emotions, and sometimes even the vastness of the universe. All connected in one sound, the artist now announces the second EP after “crawl underneath my blanket“. The worlds that byelian opens up in each and every song make him unique. Comparisons are rather difficult, whether the most diverse genres of which byelian serves. With the first single “whenever it’s too quiet” he underpins this attitude toward life. The cinematic video with the story of a young protagonist in the middle of nature in search of the last tape of the world, which promises her peace says exactly that. let’s cling to the good things, to the experiences that define us, that have shaped us – whether good or bad. everything we have experienced makes us the person we are. and in dark hours we have to manage to steer our thoughts in the right direction. sometimes hunting for the souvenirs that shine brightest.

Golden Vessel feat. FELIVAND – So Far

Golden Vessel is a musician/producer from Brisbane, Australia who crafts a unique blend of electronic music with hip-hop, R&B and alternative pop influences, resulting in a sound that can be likened to a mix between Toro Y Moi, Mount Kimbie and Four Tet. We have talked about him several times here! For his latest release, he teams up with fellow Brisbane artist FELIVAND for the new single “so far” which is the next taste of his upcoming album “everythingeverydayeverything” which is set for release on July 7th. Incorporating the usual soft electronics with sensibility and gorgeous hooks, he tells about it: “To me the song feels like a big slow down and taking a breath, and it’s about trying to connect more with yourself and be present. Being locked down in Brisbane the last two years, one of the highlights has been working on music with Fliss for her and for me and through that becoming such close friends.

Mura Masa feat. Shygirl feat. Channel Tres – hollaback bitch

The UK producer Mura Masa is still a few months out from the release of his new album, “demon time“, but he’s been steadily dropping tracks off of it for a while now. After releasing 3 tracks (“2gether,” “bbycakes,” and “blessing me”) from it so far — which, between them, had guest features from the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, PinkPantheress, and Pa Salieu, he released the strongest so far. Two days ago, Mura Masa released “hollaback bitch” a collaboration with Channel Tres and Shygirl, who each get a spotlight on the club track. Featuring pop elements with RnB and hip hop and electronics, this is a mix that will easily and very quickly turn viral also on TikTok’s and networks alike.

Hause Plants – Wherever You Are

In the daily routine, daydreaming can prevent us from fading away. For Guilherme Correia, who composes, produces and records from his room under the name of Hause Plants, these dreams arrive in the form of songs. Lost between the urban life of the night outings, in existential doubts typical of the post-adolescence and in themes like social anxiety, the songs of Hause Plants are bedroom pop in its essence, but exist to be heard and played live, joining the urgency and vitality of the post-punk of the 80s with the ethereal landscapes of the dream-pop and the shoegaze. “Wherever You Are” was released today and is the latest single from the project that meanwhile grew into a full band with four elements that input their mark on it. Featuring bit-up guitar elements that make us dream awake and easily dance around the room, there is still that melancholy so typical of the project and the already characteristic sonority, but still, we are surprised by the sensibility of the track and the way it grows from start to end. And if the song is great, the fact is that today marks the release of a full EP, you can listen to it here.

who killed sloan – Killfile

The sound of the Zurich collective who killed sloan is characterised by melancholy, danceable elements and epic climaxes. Almost nostalgically, they refer to former trip-hop and downbeat greats of the 90s and combine them with modern accents. The songs reflect everyday life, and escapism and take a look into the dark abysses of the soul. In their own words “dive into an everlasting club night through the city’s undergrounds“. “Killfile” is their debut track and marks the release of their debut EP “Keep To The Left Here“, and what a way to present themselves to the world. From the start, the vocals are haunting and hypnotizing, dark but buttery and the instrumentals that come alive are at first mysterious and gentle, like water drops in the back, and soon after gorgeous evolutions that feat electronic subtleness. The track takes its time to grow into the first chorus where we feel even more haunted and surprised at every corner. There is a clear 80’s enchantment here. One of the most surprising acts we’ve discovered all year.