Marble – marble (EP)

From indie-rock to post-rock, meet Marble and their powerful expressions of love and anger in their debut EP.

Marble is a duo who makes music not for the masses but for massive feelings. That’s something we would like to say to introduce them. When their songs hit that’s also the first thing you will notice. They just released their debut EP. With the band name “marble” is a powerful and epic trip to the dark side of the indie rock, and one we can’t run away from due to the incredible vocals and massive production.

marble” features four songs, with our highlights going for the first two, the title track “marble” and “bleed me out“.

Chantel Bailey and Joel Hoyer are Marble

An epic start! “marble” introduces the band and the EP, and is for those reasons and adding the sonority, the perfect track to introduce Marble as a project. Co-written with Joel Hoyer on the day the band was formed, the track explores a mid-century-esque relationship status quo and takes the listener through the contradictory emotions. It talks about adaptation and how we bend to the relationships we want to keep. Lyrically strong, the way the song grows is nothing short of epic. The ending guitar solo is among the best piece of solos we’ve heard all year.

In “bleed me out” the depth is immense. The vocals make us dive into soon as the track starts. There is a gorgeous dream-pop vibe in the back that only grows with time, with the gorgeous echoed guitar doing a lot of the work for itself. The evolution for the first chorus is incredible with the drum work and the haunting vocals shining through. “ashes to ashes we fall” we listen again, and with it comes the emotions of Chantel Bailey’s voice. There is a gorgeous melancholy all through the track but we can also feel hope and a silver lining to it all. And the more we get into it, the more we feel invested.

The EP follows with two other tracks entitled “quiet mind” and “red room“. In “quiet mind” we start with a very dark guitar vibe and the feeling of overwhelming panic and then the track intercalates moments of breathing with even powerful instrumental hooks that you might want to listen to very loud. In “red room” exists a less overwhelming instrumental power and almost a folk-rock vibe that makes it possible for almost a Cappella moments and gorgeous funky drum vibes sparsed with the tender-agressive vocal hooks provoking us to sing along in their own apocalypse.

The album was mixed by Brandon Eggleston (Wye Oak, Modest Mouse, The Mountain Goats, Dandy Warhols), produced by Jonah Cohen & MARBLE, and mastered by Ed Brooks (REM, Death Cab for Cutie, Minus the Bear, Fleet Foxes, Pearl Jam).

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