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TIFU Chapter XVI
From all indie genres, Folk seems to have a special place in our hearts. We can't help to get back to folk songs when we look for some calm and inspiration. When we want to hope for a nice dream. Or when we are feeling in the mood for some very well told stories. As an honour to those feelings, this series is entitled TIFU (Today I Folked Up). Only folk songs from new folk artists. To let you and ourselves go.

almost sex – Lucille

Lucille” is the latest track by one of our favourite folk duos Almost Sex. Released as the lead single of their debut EP and using all-analogue production, including an old drum machine from 1979, the track is tender, sensible and uber melodic. The vocals remind a bit of early Alt-J and Angus & Julia Stone, but there are bags of new flavours and feelings. The duet melodies are subtle and clever, and one works as a gentle echo of the other. There is also a retro 90s vibe that we find in the track’s apparent simplicity. The songwriting is masterful conducting to unexpected variants that feel very grateful for the listener. It’s one of those tracks very hard to get tired of and very easy to get absorbed in inner contemplation with.

Cody Anderson – Out of Range

Out of Range” is the debut single from Cody Anderson’s forthcoming EP “the Orchard” that is set to release in spring 2022. The track features Mckenzie Smith (drums) & Jesse Chandler (keys &flute) from the band Midlake. It inspires hopefulness, and perseverance even in trying times, by taking a step back and observing the scene. It carries an upbeat tempo throughout its entirety, with warm instrumentation that is full of hooky melodies. The song builds upon itself and seems to gather momentum from start to finish. 

COMPANION – House By The Sea

COMPANION is a duo made up of multi-instrumentalist and producer, Jamarl Billy and singer-songwriter Bethany Billy. Meeting in 2011 and getting married in 2014, the couple has been making music together since the inception of their relationship. The project was created as an outlet for a diverse sound that combines cinematic pop influences with acoustic folk. Tender harmonies and electric chemistry epitomise this duo whose dynamic lyrics tell stories of excitement, betrayal, love and loss.  Their latest track “House By The Sea” is not only a calm folk track inspired by the blue written from a lockdown perspective where the couple was longing for escape, simplicity and nature. It is silky-perfect with perfect harmonies on both singers, Damien-rice like in terms of melodies, but with a beautiful and light positivity. Just like the sea on a calm day.

Good Morning Bedlam – Salt

Good Morning Bedlam released their final track, “Salt“, from their anticipated album, “Lulu“, on February 4th. A track that sits well next to artists like Vance Joy, The Head and the Heart, and Of Monsters and Men. This is an anthem track that showcases the soaring vocals of Tori Elker over top of a victorious bed of trumpet, trombone, eclectic guitar, violin, and pulsing drums. Like a folk train that never stops, pushing us to go along and to want to sing as good as we hear it, the track feels overwhelming in an instant and never really stops feeling that way. This indie-folk trio out of Minneapolis is made of Isaak Elker (Guitar/Vocals), Victoria “Tori” Elker (Bass/Vocals), and Sopia Mae (Violin/Vocals).

Jack Broza – Say It Again

I wrote ‘Say It Again‘ in one sitting during a period of isolation in January 2021. In an attempt to wrest me from boredom and melancholy a friend challenged me to write a song based on another artist’s style. I was bingeing Lomelda at the time; her wistful voice became my guide. The lyrics that emerged surprised me—they were hopeful, even though I felt far from it at the time. “The future can be different.” As I’ve performed the song over the past year I’ve come to believe them… sometimes“. “Say It Again” is the second single from Jack Broza upcoming EP “Double Back” and an unusual folk contemplation that gently swipes the indie rock sonority like names like Fleet Foxes and Big Thief. Original, new, refreshing.

KARNEY- Gonna Be Beautiful

Anna Karney has been making great music for many years, performing across the country and putting out several singles, EPs, and albums, and now incorporates her San Francisco-based band KARNEY. Keeping her mind on social justice and positive messages, Anna Karney’s lyrical content offers a sardonic and sometimes straightforward approach to many of the issues facing people today. Feelings of isolation and a troubled heart have been unavoidable throughout the past year, so how can a social justice songwriter stay inspired during these trying times? By changing the tune. “Gonna Be Beautiful” is their latest single and what strikes us the most is the way the track lifts off from folk and lands on rock elements with a powerful sound not leaving behind the lyrical value. Gorgeous track.

Lone Deer Laredo – Somewhere Down The Last Road

The Helsinki-based folk duo Lone Deer Laredo released the touching “Somewhere Down The Last Road” about a month ago. The song is the third and final tasting of their second album. This is a beautiful single, mixing Scandinavian melancholy with folk-pop and Americana vibes. The track tells the story of the reunion of two souls on the deathbed, souls who never confessed their love during life. There is a sensuous of classics and there is a lot of a melancholic vibe going on, but there’s also a purposed positivity and a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of sonority. Gorgeously produced, this is a retro-sounding track that feels surprisingly fresh.

Luke Klifman – On a Roll

Luke Klifman

“On a Roll” is part of the second EP by Luke Klifman, a singer-songwriter based out of Denver, Colorado. This deeply emotional tune, riddled with rich harmonies and grand instrumentation is the major highlight of “Not Dangerous But Freaky, Vol. 2“, getting quite close to late 60’s psychedelic folk in terms of sound. The song is filled with small instrumental passages that feel like a soft cushion to Luke’s gorgeous vocals, a piece of emotion worthy of being repeated more than once. Good song, this one.

Panteon – Correspondence

New York via Berlin alt-pop singer-songwriter Panteon return with “Correspondence” already happened two months ago, but we are still not pasted through it. The track fuses unfiltered, understated melodies over Panteon’s ethereal, emotive vocal delivery, with the end product being nothing short of serene. In her words “Correspondence was written in early 2021. It was still cold outside and Berlin was in the middle of what seemed like a never-ending lockdown. The song describes the correspondence between two people that solemnly happens via written words and letters. There is something romantic about this approach of meeting somebody – getting a glimpse of the other person’s life through their style of writing and getting a feeling of being close even though there might be miles of distance in between“. For us, it sounds retro but very powerful but it’s not hard to say that most of its magic relies on her incredible vocals, but also on the simple enough but still enticing instrumental backgrounds that truly make it shine hard.

Samica – Summer of ’99

Samica is a first-generation Indian American who grew up in a traditional Indian household outside of San Francisco. Speaking fluent English and Hindi, she was raised on a healthy mix of traditional Indian music and the top 40, R&B, and hip hop of Bay Area radio. Learning guitar at a young age, Samica began writing songs but quickly realized there were no mainstream global artists who looked like her or came from the same background as her and became determined to change that. Finding her sound as a singer/songwriter with an alternative R&B edge, she released her first single, “Alright,” at the end of 2019. “Summer of ’99” is her new single of which she says “This is a song that reminisces on all the innocence of young love that could have been. It’s about what every generation has in common: love and heartbreak.

Susan Cattaneo – Time + Love + Gravity

With her powerful voice, captivating melodies, and finely-crafted lyrics, Susan Cattaneo is one of Boston’s most respected singer/songwriters. A compelling performer and vivid storyteller, Susan’s music blends folk, rock, and blues with a hint of country. Call it New England Americana. Following up on the success of her chart-topping double album, “The Hammer & The Heart“, Susan Cattaneo is releasing “All is Quiet” in April of 2022. Susan is known for her lyric and melodic craft, and for this project, she brought her mastery to a quieter place.  “Time + Love + Gravity” is a classical folk-like track that blends pop and genuinity and bits of country music in order to sound relevant, retro and still modern too.