Café Velorio – Un Águila cazó un Tiburón en Miami

The injection of noisy post-punk you need today.

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Café Velorio

Is it even possible for an eagle to catch a shark? If it’s small, apparently so! Big, we don’t know, but does it matter? Café Velorio certainly can prove us (or at least, make us believe so) it’s possible by virtue of their song “Un Águila cazó un Tiburón en Miami“, tune extracted from their second EP, “Balada en Cinco Dosis“, released last November.

Part of the Dos Boluditos Producciones in their native Uruguay, Café Velorio – Diego Morales (drums), Jimena Rodríguez (voice), Nicolás Weiss (guitar, bass and voice) – are just part of a great section of southern American bands who need to be further known. It’s a fantastic hot stop for new talent, from the Brazilian psychedelic indie scene to the Chilean post-punk stalwarts, passing through the Argentinean shoegaze and dream pop epics. There’s a lot to listen to and discover, where do we even find the time?!

But while the whole “Balada en Cinco Dosis” is worth the listen, “Un Águila cazó un Tiburón en Miami” is a particular standout from the project. The song has a very peculiar groove, reminding us of the experimental nature of groups like This Heat, but making us engaged to find out more about its rawness and noisy post-punk approach, similar to a band like Dry Cleaning (Jimena’s vocal delivery can, at times, feel as similarly Fleabag-esque as Florence Shaw does), combined with moments that push towards the post-rock world of Slint. If this band had come out of Windmill, they would certainly be one of today’s post-punk greats. Yet, they didn’t, so here we are asking to give them a chance – you won’t regret it.

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