Static Shapes – Blursday

A memorable and dream inducing indie rock tune.

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Static Shape

Ah, good old psychedelic sounds, where we would be without them? It’s always a very nice experience when you find a new band capable of showcasing a new take on the psychedelic rock sound. Static Shapes are one of those bands.

Formed in 2019 by veterans of the Philadelphia indie rock scene singer/guitarist Steve Yutzy-Burkey (The Swimmers), keyboardist Alex Yaker (Roomtone), bassist Rick Sieber (The Swimmers) and drummer Mike Kennedy (Audible, Lefty’s Deceiver), Static Shapes’ 2020 lockdown-inspired debut, “Give Me The Bad News“, made a couple of year-end lists on the other side of the Atlantic.

Now almost two years later, the band is returning with a brand new EP, “Blursday“, to be released March 11. The title track was released this past Friday and it’s a great tune.

Blursday” is essentially an indie-rock tune that reminds us of bands like Foals or White Lies, combined with the neo-psychedelic and dream-like atmosphere of a band like Tangerine Dream – if you want to go that far back. More recently, you can compare this to some of the more groovy Everything Everything tracks, capable of making us twist a hip or two while keeping that dreamy atmosphere, all while offering a punch in production and a smooth as possible, yet memorable, chorus to sing-a-long too. ‘Dis a very nice track, there is no doubt about it.

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