Beast Beast – Just for a second

"Just For a second is the perfect occasion to become reminiscent but not nostalgic". Meet Beast Beast!

Beast Beast are Gustav Cederberg and Mikael Landén. They met while recycling two years ago, and now they are dropping their first music into this almost gone crazy world. Well, we actually need music like this. Capable of making as space out and believe in magic, and words and melodies. “Just for a second” is first of all what we can describe as a gorgeous mix of surf rock, indie rock and dream pop. It has bits that remind us of Future Islands, and others that go more into a Bon Iver ambience. The track is filled with warm elements and a warm message and also a sense of escapism in the way the instrumentals seem to evolve more and more until the gorgeous drum-guitar combo. There is also an obvious repetition in the whole sonority, but that repetition only intensifies the feelings it transmits, mostly due to the prodigious vocals and lyrical value.

They are based in Sweden, and the track and the EP with the same name were influenced by the unexpected storm of 2020-21. Considering the way 2022 is growing tragically maybe new music like this is the only way to celebrate the year. “Like all good walks, Just For a second is the perfect occasion to become reminiscent but not nostalgic“. Amen to Beast Beast.

You can, and you should also dive into their full EP below:

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