Bad Tiger – Bell Pepper

A pillow of sweet and mellow indie pop.

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Bad Tiger

Bad Tiger is the brainchild of San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Yasi Lowi. Back in 2020, they released their debut LP, “The Goat and the Bad Tiger“, a collection of songs mostly routed in lo-fi bedroom pop, embracing a sweet and soft, very melancholy drowned, soundscape – almost homesick, in a way.

Now in 2022, Bad Tiger is ready to come back to release day galore, as they’re preparing the release of their new EP Sanctuary”. Written and recorded in September 2021 with the aid of Mackenzie Bunch at Coyote Hearing Studio, “Sanctuary” was created with three goals in mind: “to develop guitar skills, move away from the spectre of bedroom lo-fi” and, most importantly, “write songs that are danceable”.

If the first single – the Olivia Rodrigo influenced “Clear Vision” – already showcased those goals being reached, their newest track “Bell Pepper” displays them even further, reminding more of someone like Jay Som or Frankie Cosmos.

“Bell Pepper” sounds effortlessly in the best way possible. The track, just like “Clear Vision”, reverberates like a refined hi-fi version of the soundscape of Yasi’s debut. The guitars sound sharper, the drums feels like a pillow to the whole instrumental, and the synths just embellish the song to turn it even more mellow. It sounds dreamy and nostalgic, romantic even. It’s a cushion of sharply written and performed indie-pop we just can’t get tired of.

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