Ghostly Kisses – Heartbeat

From intimate pop to powerful indietronica, Ghostly Kisses comeback with "Heartbeat" makes us want to live inside the track.

Ghostly Kisses Heartbeat

The thing about Ghostly Kisses is that the vocals and the sense of immersion are always spot on powerful. “Heartbeat” their newest single, is another great mix of chillstep with indie electronic and pure sensible pop.

The track that is part of their newest album “Heaven, Wait” (released via Akira Records) was composed and produced during the pandemic and the track (like the album) incorporates feelings of loneliness and emotional cries for human proximity. “Heartbeat” starts strong with the haunting beautiful vocals, and a soft piano base until it rapidly evolves with an electrifying beat that feels both modern and clean and the chorus sticks with us, both in body and soul. The track sounds intimate and strong like we’re being told a powerful secret. It speaks about “the transition from solitude to relationship“. It is accompanied by a beautiful cinematic vibe written and directed by Fred Gervais-Dupuis that further impersonates the spirit of intimacy between two lovers.

If incorporating masterful productions by Louis-Étienne Santais, Tim Bran (London Grammar, Birdy, Aurora) and Thomas Bartlett (Sufjan Stevens, St. Vicent, Florence and the Machine) speaks for the quality of the act itself don’t think you are prepared for the amount of sonority and crystal clear impact of their new tracks. “Heartbeat” also influenced most of the album sonority and started as a Radiohead recreation, as Margaux Sauve states:

It’s the song that helped shape the sonic qualities of the album. Its energy level is noticeably higher than the vast majority of tracks we’ve released previously. The main synth line/riff was made during a random attempt (failed, by Louis’ own words haha) to recreate Radiohead’s famous “Everything In Its Right Place” patch on his prophet. It then naturally led to adding drums and bass. The groove is inspired by minimalist house/techno and features a wide array of electronic elements and synths.”

We couldn’t recommend more a full listen of the album as we expect this to be a highlight of the year.

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