Aim Vision – Have You Seen The Moon Tonight?

You may want to hit play on Aim Vision newest track if you feel the night is not funky enough for you.

Tyler Ballaro AKA Aim Vision is an incredibly talented musician from Connecticut that B4Takeoff described as “best known for his signature mellow raps and layered metaphors” and we can definitely get behind that!

Late December 2021, Aim Vision released their latest single “Have You Seen The Moon Tonight?“. Aim Vision has drawn inspiration from the moon ever since they could remember and they say this track is for people who feel a relationship between themselves and the moon.

Have You Seen The Moon Tonight?” is a very catchy and moody track that makes us reminisce of late 90’s bops. This track is a great mix of rap, alt-rock and nostalgia, completed with an It’s a Wonderful Life quote from George Bailey. The repetitiveness of the track is clearly a feature they made work like a charm as the deep vocals and the crafty almost funk guitars perfectly contrast with the train of almost spoken-word vocals.

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