Spoon and the Forkestra – Karma 8

Karma 8 is a pop-folk wonder that headlines the band's beautiful new EP, our first stunner of 2022.

It’s not the first time we write about Spoon and the Forkestra, and should not be the last for sure. The amount of power they get us into 2022, with their newest single “Karma 8” reflects just that.

Featuring elements of clear indie rock, and unclear elements of pop and Folk, “Karma 8” is an ever-evolving track that finds in the acid-tender vocals the perfect harmonizer for a fitting acoustic rasping electric guitar. There are huge amounts of deepness in the track, there is a typical 90s’ rock, and there is a very powerful instrumental flow that keeps us on the hook and on the verge of waiting to scream and shout along the track.

I wrote Karma 8 in 2018 when I realized I had to have a difficult conversation, One that I, fun fact, am yet to have. In the lyrics, I weighed out talking vs. moving town – back then as a joke, but turns out I took my own stupid advice a bit too seriously and moving town won.” says singer Emily-Mae Lewis. 

This is the third track from Spoon and the Forkestra debut EP entitled “The Fondest Flinch“. The EP is the first EP we’ve listened to on repeat in this fresh new year. It incorporates great tracks like: the opener “Mary Lou” where the piano and the Folky vocals instantly get us into a chilled but electric feel-good vibe; or “Pirates” where “the echoed drums that go across the entire track, the super melodic, sensible, and powerful vocals, the gorgeous surprising variations; the sonority that feels like levitating the entire time; the catchy chorus that feels like juvenile adulthood“. “Blue” that is a slow but gorgeous song, that sounds sensible like a tender lullaby where the rasp vocals and the tiny-beautiful guitar emerge like they are coming from the stars in a slow night; and “Blink Twice” a more rock approach to their visibly tender songwriting where there is a lot of space for screaming as it is also a space for going deep into the crying frames of our being. In every single track, they restyle quality.

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