These are our best new indie electronic findings. 12nd edition.

"In 1859 Michael Thonet made a revolution in design with his Chair №14. It inspired me to create something modern in art sphere. It's interesting to see how we live today, when natural texture connect with technology." @amodevienn (IG)
Since the beginning of this magazine that we have been receiving great electronic tracks. For some reason, we didn’t post about those submissions because we felt they should be integrated into a specific mood. We are now building that mood with a monthly post focusing on the best of indietronica. This is Electromental – part 12.

’59 – The Cream

A significant departure from my recent releases, this almost nine-minute sub-heavy lo-fi epic is the first track in my latest EP 4:44 Play coming out on December 12, 2021“. The use of synthesizers is what ’59 is ultimately all about. “The Cream“, his latest single, showcases that in the first moments of the track. There is an abundant mix of them that at first sound repetitive but in more detail they are also progressing. Smart progressions really. Subtle ones that change everything a bit more as time goes by. The track (just like the whole EP) was created using just three instruments: “two homemade modular synthesizers I built in my apartment in San Francisco, and a Korg MS-20“. The track is mostly improvised and reflects on a life soundtrack.

Amo De Viénn – Obsession

Amo De Viénn is a Belarus-based electronic musician. Amo’s music cannot be associated with any particular style as his own individual style has been formed due to continuous experiments and sound borrowing from various musical genres. “I like contrast combinations in music. When something quiet or smooth suddenly shifts to something emotional and aggressive. It’s cool to play on emotional contrasts”.Obsession” is a track featured in “Butterfly Effect” a triple release that follows Amo’s first EP entitledÜ (also released this year). The sonority continues to be inspired by industrial elements so present in Berlin contraposing with the serenity of Gdańsk. Inspired by musicians like Emika, Jon Hopkins, Rival Consoles or SOPHIE, the track emerges so naturally that we feel our entire background is being electrified by it. And the power is just wow.

Bomat – Feels Like I’ve Seen You

Bomat is the music alter ego for Moritz Bommert, a German composer, producer and DJ hailing from Cologne but based in Berlin. His passion for house music transposes to the music he makes, where the vibes of acts like Demuja, Laurent Garnier and DJ Seinfeld are also evident. Making consecutive tracks since 2018, his latest release “Feels Like I’ve Seen You” feels like a step-up in the game as it is edited by Melbourne’s finest lo-fi-house label clipp.art. The track talks about the human emotions and brain: “A limbic system is a group of interconnected structures located deep within your brain. It’s the part of that’s responsible for behavioural and emotional responses“. Deep and resonant, driving and gritty, the track is said to activate that aforementioned limbic system, “generating melancholic euphoria, head nodding and more than a few limb movements. A fitting coda to what has been a rollercoaster of an emotional year“.

Confidence Man – Holiday (Erol Alkan Remix)

Melbourne-based Confidence Man’s are Janet Planet, Sugar Bones, Clarence McGuffie and Reggie Goodchild. Their latest track entitled “Holiday” remixed by Erol Alkan is a proper dramatic electronic atmosphere that engages with us as only a proper nu-disco track can. Described many times as “portable party” they rolled out across the world and their performances are custom designed to make you dance and lose your cool. Well, “Holiday” showcases that even across the screen, with bags of danceable pop mixed into a clear electronic vibe that although constant never lacks evolving, surprising and emerging.

David Sereva – Etubu

Etubu” is David Sereva’s debut track, a downtempo electronica track comprised of 3 distinct phases moving upwards and growing from one to the next. The word Etubu comes from the Motuan language of Papua New Guinea meaning “to grow or rise” and the track yields to this theme in arrangement and melody. It features a very chilling and almost party-like beat and feels very well produced with a vibrant sonority that makes us want to step into the dance floor. It also is a contained track that takes its time to grow but when it does it is very fulfilling to the listener. Tremendous work for a first-timer.

DAñSE – The Coast is Clear

“DAñSE is here. Listen to the sounds in your mind and let your dreams guide you”. That his how they present themselves. “The Coast Is Clear” is the second release of their debut year, and situates DAñSE somewhere between ambient and electronic music. For us, it feels like ambient music we can dance to. The track feels airy but still very engaging with a very focused drum-based vibe and offers bags and bags of variations and creative moments that mix synths, guitars and wonderous elements. The track features Dominic Conway on Sax, was mixed by Shawn Cole and mastered by Brock at CPS Mastering.

Electrons in Slow Motion – Tughra 0.01

Electrons in Slow Motion is a cross-genre project developed by Bucharest-born artist/producer Marius Copel. A flowing machine designed to powerfully engage the senses. “If one sees something deep inside the mind, there’s an interior world. If two or more people experience the same something, far in their beings, that’s no more just an inland space. It’s for real. Everything is interlinked“. We totally agree with it, that’s actually part of the explanation why we call this electromental, there is a certain electronic brain motion that engages us all with the music. “Tughra 0.01“, their latest track, is the first single of what they call the Tughra series and a deep sonic track that feels ambient-based but constantly evolving, embracing us as listeners in a warm warp that truly feels embracing.

nothingspecial feat. Roma A. – Don’t Worry

Deeply vibing, with a very deep bass element that sounds as powerful as gorgeous, “Don’t Worry” is another masterful track from nothingspecial in collaboration with Roma A. (who is actually debuting as a music voice). The two friends made not only a great track that is predominantly electronic but also a track that we just want to play on repeat all day due to its ambient-like vibe too. The track makes us want to chill repeatedly and acts at the same time as both an ironic track and a track that truly fulfils that sense of chill.

Yaroslav Molochnyk – Fireflies

On December 3rd Ukraine born, Germany based composer Yaroslav Molochnyk dropped the EP “Please Immerse and Imagine’. The focus track “Fireflies” offers mystic piano structures and clear and bright melodies that are soothing, warm and very fragile and emotional at the same time. Both the track and EP offer an unusual take to electronic music, pursuing a more classical piano approach before evolving into a more clear and powerful electronic overview. Still, in all his work the tracks are kept contained and bright, soothing, warm and very fragile sounding. And so, so, beautiful.

Yaroslav says: “The EP is a journey of my imagination, a journey through the prism of emotions and feelings, collection of my reflections, moments and sensitive perception of the world.

All these tracks (and previous tracks featured in Electromental) are also in our Spotify Playlist: