Tangerine Tears – My Love, My Astronaut

Prepare to become engulfed in a dreamy atmosphere with Tangerine Tears' sweet and blissful "My Love, My Astronaut".

Tangerine Tears

For all intents and purposes, when we dream, we hope the images created by our brain to be more than just happy: we hope to be a collection of memories that make us hopeful they can happen in the future.

The correct word to describe what are the dreams we look for is blissful, to provide perfect happiness or great joy to ourselves. Tangerine Tears‘ music can be perfectly described by that same adjective, as it feels like the soundtrack to a dream. The solo project of the former songwriter and vocalist of Morning Eyes Sarah Phillips just released her debut EP, “Midnight Drive Mixtape“, where we can find the song “My Love, My Astronaut”, a tune that feels like it has come out to soundtrack all of our blissful hopes and dreams.

“My Love, My Astronaut” might feel like a bedroom pop song, but it’s anything but. It’s heavier, relying heavily on the combinations between the raw, fuzzy guitars that take a lot from shoegaze bands like My Bloody Valentine or Ride, and Sarah’s dreamy vocals. The combination feels exactly like a distant dream in our memory, and it’s all enhanced by an indie-pop aesthetic (courtesy of the synths and sharp writing) not too far akin from bands like Alvvays or artists like Jay Som. It’s raw indie-gaze at its finest.

If you dream tonight, make sure Tangerine Tears is the soundtrack for your creation. It will make everything a little better. Or if it doesn’t, at least the music will still give you a warm, blissful hug, once you wake up.