Tabea – Ecstatic Love Trap

Simple Folk-ish songs about Love with a rare sense of depth. This is the new gorgeous 3-track-EP by Tabea.

Tabea is a Folk singer-songwriter from Portugal whose folk tracks are naturally vibed and very Folk rooted. Instrumentally with not much more than an acoustic guitar, her songs deliver on an angelic but deep voice that feels like a tender and relaxed voice in our conscience. After her first 3-track-EP “End of the World” fully recorded during the quarantine at home, she has now released a new 3-track-EP entitled “Ecstatic Love Trap”. And just like the previous tracks, once again she leaves her mark as a great Folk-singer-songwriter-producer that not only is not afraid to write and sing about love but that also does not need to fall into frequent production trends to let the world feel in love with her simplicity and depth.

Ecstatic Love Trap (EP)

Ecstatic Love Trap” is the debut EP from Tabea. An EP that was written, recorded and produced by herself and that above all is all about Love.

The first track of the EP is “Amy“. A track about “wanting to be close to someone who’s perfect to you, even with their flaws, but at the same time feeling, that you aren’t worthy to be in their presence”. Encompassed by a distinct percussion – that we can feel inside our body and soul -, and making the most of the angelic and back sounding vocals from Tabea, “Amy” is a gorgeous folk track that reminds us of the simplicity and depth of the first tracks from Bon Iver. There is no electronic production, just the simplicity of an acoustic guitar and the back percussion and lots (and lots) of good taste and gorgeous vibes. A great opener that leaves us wanting for more immediately after it ends. And that also makes us think again that it’s possible for great music to be very simple and honest.

The second of three tracks of the EP is “Everyday” a track that immediately transmits folk summer vibes that are more energetic and sunny than the previous track. It tells the story “about finding your home in the form of another person while travelling the world“. It brings back the vibes of Folk acts from the beginning of this decade but still feels natural and recent, and while it keeps part of the same recipe of “Amy” is more straightforward and feel-good. The video that illustrates it helps propagate the positivity further and showcases the story behind the soundscape that the track is. Again the angelic vocals feel like gentle whispers and that light summer wind that makes us want to smile back.

The EP finishes with “Close to You“. This is another track about to love that the one from the tree that feels the most mysterious and contained. It feels, in terms of sonority, that somehow we got inside and it’s later in the day and everybody gathers around to whisper a melody around the fire, and everything is good, everything is great and “all you know now is that you want to be close to that person“. The strong percussion is almost absent in this one and is replaced by a soft guitar beat that is intercalated with the folk-like guitar-based melody. The layers of gentle vocals emerge naturally from start to end. Everything is light and nice and natural.

You can find out more about Tabea in the links below:
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And here is the full EP to listen to again: