[PREMIERE] DJ Moonstone – 1983

Ready to dance on this nostalgia filled synth-pop banger?

DJ Moonstone - 1983

Nostalgia can be a hell of a drug. It can transport us to a time where things were seemingly better while ignoring the bigger picture of what used to surround us. It’s a trip that can engulf us and get us trapped in memories that might not exactly seem what they mean.

Music is one of the main vessels for these (perhaps, dangerous, shall we say) nostalgia trips. Genres like city pop, synth-pop or synthwave can be great catalysts for transporting us to past times and getting us stuck in that atmosphere. DJ Moonstone’s 1980s series is a great example of this, with the latest single by the experienced producer, “1983“, making us dance amidst its nostalgia-filled atmosphere.

Layed out upon an analogic jumpy and funky bassline that reminds us of some of Macross 82-99 future funk exploits mixed with the synth-wave aesthetic of someone like Garoad or The Midnight, “1983” is a synth-pop banger. The pounding drums influenced by 1980s pop music seal the deal when combined with the funky bassline, as there is no other way to deal with this tune than to dance to its groove. If you get stuck in its nostalgic atmosphere, don’t forget: there’s always a replay button to keep you locked in.