[TGIF] Tape Never Dies

As we get up on our feet, great new releases are booming through our ears. Music taste might be subjective, but these are great new releases for everyone.

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With the year quickly getting to its end and more and more live shows returning to their natural habitat, we get the feeling that the music business is now almost up on its feet. And that reflects on the amount of new great tracks released every week. In the last weeks, we had to go through more than 1000 submissions to WtMM, and it might have been one of the hardest ones ever to select. As a result, expect to be hooked on any of these 9 fresh new releases we feature in this article that we like to call as “the best new recent releases”.

Deathsport – I HATE PEOPLE

Deathsport latest track is entitled “I HATE PEOPLE“, just like that, caps and all. It’s probably one good way of reflecting on a week that must have been bad for a lot of people, but it’s also an ironic way to celebrate a good week. The song comes from pure anger towards humanity and all the bad and disgusting things we are responsible for. It satisfies our inner misanthropes and describes a feeling we all can relate to when watching the news. However, the track is also very melancholic and capable of resonating in a silver lining way with hope, just like a proper 80’s indie rock track would. They say “It makes us deal with the unbelievable sadness that follows on second thought. As a loner, you have everything for yourself but no one to share it with.

Gravity Circus – Tape Cassette

Gravity Circus believes in challenging the status quo with every touch of every note, every word and every rhythm. With this mindset, every track they bump out delivers a unique listening experience. “Tape Cassette” is an affectionate and thematic song about an odyssey to leave your mark in history, but having to leave your warm, comfortable home and loved ones behind.  While venturing out and reaching your dreams, you start wishing that you recorded them on a “Tape Cassette” so that they could always be on your side.

Grace Kay – Here

Coming straight out of Los Angeles, California, Grace Kay delights us with her newest single, “Here”, a breezy synth-pop tune that captures the dreamy essence of walking in a sunny park amidst a beautiful autumn afternoon. If that sight isn’t enough to capture your attention, the blissful M83-like synth lines and Grace’s beautiful voice certainly will. Personal, catchy, “Here” is a great little synth-pop gem ready to infuse your dreams. And who doesn’t love a good Fleetwood Mac reference? That’s right. Everyone does.

Lo Moon – Dream Never Dies

Dream Never Dies is Lo Moon’s latest advance and it was produced by the band and Yves Rothman (Yves Tumor, Miya Folick).  Filled with piano accents, sprawling guitars, and frontman Matt Lowell’s signature soaring vocals punctuating the chorus, “Dream Never Dies” is equal parts early 2000’s Brit rock, the ache of summer nostalgia, reverb-soaked instruments, and one of the best melodies the nascent, critically-acclaimed band has ever written. It’s the sound of a band whose scope has widened in wholly stunning ways. 

Mazey Haze – Don’t Care

Amsterdam-based indie-pop artist Mazey Haze has a special ability: she knows how to make us dance amidst the daydream that is her music. Her excellent debut EP, Always Dancing, is a staple of what dream pop can be. Part of that EP is the song “Don’t Care”, a stand-out track from the project we stumbled upon. Reminding us of the output from artists like Jay Som or Hatchie, “Don’t Care” is a song that pushes us towards our individual freedom, losing us amongst its dreamy guitars and synths, before making us dance amidst its catchy and hooky chorus. It is a daydream we desperately don’t want to get out of.

SPACEZ– Something Wrong With Me

SPACEZ are a LA duo comprised of Frans Mernick and Daniel Deitz. Mernick was previously signed as an in-house producer for A$AP Rocky for 3 years and has produced records for Kanye, Foster the People, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Vic Mensa and Misterwives. Mernick also has worked regularly with producers like Roget (Travis Scott, Halsey) and G Koop (Migos, Rihanna and Mike Hector (Kendrick Lamar). Deitz, a bass player from Sydney, was previously signed to Sony Music Australia and toured with the likes of Tame Impala, Lily Allen and Calvin Harris before moving to Los Angeles where he and Mernick have teamed up to create music of their own. “Something Wrong With Me” explores becoming self-aware of your own mental health and addictions. Is a track that provides a gorgeous funky pop vibe that mixes organic with electronic elements and a relaxed and dancing-like melodic feel that feels right for a Friday night too. Through that sonority, SPACEZ transmits their message about addiction and how to deal with it. This is their third release this year.

The Orange Goodness – Love Life Lies

Love Life Lies” is the debut single from The Orange Goodness. They are fixated on “Indie Groove” tunes that put the listener in an immediate state of movement of any sort. The Orange Goodness are a self-proclaimed “song-centric and audience-centric group dedicated to memorable melody, meaningful lyrics, global grooves and great guitar/bass riffs” and “Love Life Lies” is their “nod to the studio production techniques of 1980-82“.

Valley Boy – Disgusting

Disgusting” is a love story about being embraced for the parts of ourselves that we generally hide from the world. It starts with “I’ll let you in on a secret..” and unfolds into one of the most memorable opening lyrics we’ve heard to date. Though the song plays on potentially comedic imagery, it’s truly a tale about coming to know one’s romantic partner beyond the mask they wear for the rest of the world. “It goes beyond what has been demonstrated for us time and time again through the neutered romantic tropes we’ve (probably) had shoved down our throats our whole lives“. Listening to it, it feels like two parts Elliot Smith and one part Blur “Song 2” and it’s entirely worth the surprising ride. 

WORLD BRAIN – Always on the Line

World Brain is the moniker of Paris & Berlin-based indie-pop musician Lucas Ufo who also plays in the band Fenster. He released his debut album “Peer 2 Peer” in 2019 and now he is back with “Always on the Line“. Regarding the track, Lucas said “if you look inside your hand you can see lines going across your palm – one of which indicates your life. There’s also a little green dot next to your name that says “online” on my smart telephone. These days more than ever, it seems like we’re always on the line“.

Have a nice weekend everyone!
WtMM Team