Creature of Doom – Dead Ringer

"Dead Ringer" develops a moody and distorted ambiance that keeps unfolding until it creates its own space among the genre.

Creature of Doom is back after releasing “Tears Of Joy” EP early last year and it is great. “Dead Ringer” is his latest alt-rock alto-pop advance and it is everything our brains are craving right now: it is dark, it is light, it is haunting and it is bright. The song was co-produced and mixed by Ali Chant (Perfume Genius, Soccer Mommy) and that’s one of the reasons we liked it so much. It indeed has some elements that makes us think immediately of Perfume Genius and Son Lux, like the more moody and distorted ambiance, but the sad upbeat nature of the track that eventually unfolds makes its own space among the genre.

The clever mix of electronic components with such organic instruments create a multi-layered background that keeps evolving and involving you. The soft vocals are an invite into the deep and poetic lyrics. “Dead Ringer” speaks of the destiny we are meant to have and how there’s nothing that’s going to change it, so why bother?

Not gonna run and hide/ Just gonna let it slide/ Knowing it’s already been decided/ Long before my time“. There is great sapience in that line right there. But more than that, there’s an unique musicality that only Creature of Doom achieves. Sounding a bit similar to “Some Other World” than the other tracks from “Tears Of Joy“, “Dead Ringer” still manages to show progression and evolution from the pieces released last year, and we are here for what’s coming next.

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