DEADLETTER – Pop Culture Connoisseur

Are you ready to handle the raw energy of DEADLETTER's newest single, "Pop Culture Connoisseur"?


The British post-punk revival of the late 2010s continues to show no signs of slowing down. While bands like black midi or Black Country New Road seem to be pushing away from that sound, new bands pop up immediately to maintain the revival well and truly alive.

DEADLETTER, a six-piece hailing from Yorkshire come South London made up of Zac (Vocals), Alfie (Drums), Will (Guitar), James (Guitar), George (Bass) and Tom (Saxophone), are one of the new exciting groups hoping to grow within the scene. Their newest single, “Pop Culture Connoisseur”, produced by Theo Verney, is a nasty sounding piece of post-punk, not far from their label (Nice Swan Recordings) mates Courting own take, but twisted with a much dirtier production, more akin to someone like Viagra Boys or The Birthday Party.

Filled with loud-sounding guitars, massive grooves laid out by the bass and drums and a cataclysm of noise, “Pop Culture Connoisseur” sees the band move to a more tongue-in-cheek format, with Zac’s charisma coming through the chaotic instrumentation. Filled with a potent and catchy chorus, we can only say: this tune is exactly what you need if you are looking for something to get you amped up – the raw energy of DEADLETTER will catch you every time.