Numcha – Butterfly

Calm, delicate and a pop wonder, like a modern Sade, have you met Numcha's latest single "Butterfly"?

📷 @bestnuttha (IG)

Hailing from Bangkok, and already widely known across the globe (she has about 300k monthly listeners on Spotify alone), Numcha’s songwriting feels somewhere between the dreams, light R&B and delicate pop.

Butterfly” is her latest track and showcases that dreamy mix. Very easy to feel identified with it and to enter its wavy melodic feel and delicate voice, it’s like Sadee has gone more pop but still kept the groovy vibe and vocal intensity. The track talks about “unrequited love” and the music video portrays a woman as a flower and the man as a butterfly, while the rest is open to the listener’s interpretation and the capacity for each one of us to take our own trip with it.

“Butterfly is like a chrysalis that wraps itself when the time is right it will spread the wings and radiates a teary glow clearly through this song”.

For us, there is an uncommon calmness in this track that all together with the very catchy vocal melodies conducts us to easily feel embraced by it. Counted as her 5th single so far, and the second one coming out this year, she is gently expanding her gentle wave of good taste and immaculate songwriting to Europe and the States and has everything to turn into a global sensation in the next year. Here at WtMM, we are always in favour of honest songwriting and beautiful melodies to speak louder than any other type of music.

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