TGIF – Dance with a Nihilist

Words and melodies, and a lot of feel-good vibes. These are six awesome recent releases to celebrate the weekend!

tgif Best Releases

The spirit of this week is just to let yourself go and feel the music by what it organically feels like. And when music feels good with typically dance along with it. These 6 tracks make us party inside our heads and transpose those feelings into our bodies.

RIVER – Dance in the Darkness

After their cheeky, upbeat indie smasher “Inappropriate”, Hamburg based duo River changes gear in an impressive turnaround for their mesmerizing second single “Dance in the Darkness”. This time around, the road-tripping indie wunderkinder have crafted an emotionally charged, bittersweet anthem of commitment, driven by dazzling harmonies and a slow yet irresistible beat. The song is about distance relationships and that certain aura of romantic mysticism they bear, but ultimately about the realization that most of all, these relationships are about longing and anticipation, about missing your significant other and spending way too much time on the road.

Rhi Telemachus – No One Wants A Nihilist

Opening track “No One Wants a Nihilist” to the first collaborative EP of the two producera “Dead Silk I” is described by both Rhi and Telemachu as a “significant moment” in their collaboration. Rhi’s lyrics touch on despondency as she muses on the lack of meaning and purpose to be found in life. Wrapped in an other-worldly melancholy salsa beat, Telemachus creates a haze to transport Rhi’s vocals with a melody the listener could both slow dance and weep to – “I think it could be the magic combination”, he adds.

Endearments– Ocean

Ocean” is the first single off of Endearment’s upcoming EP Father of Wands. The song is a no-stone-unturned glimpse into the pain of watching someone you love fall for someone else. It was produced by Ariel Loh (Yoke Lore, Plastic Picnic, Drinker) and mastered by Sara Register.

url – poor sport

url is indie singer-songwriter Matt Bullard’s moniker, pronounced “earl”. “poor sport” is an uptempo track about handling a relationship poorly on both ends. Both lovers keep losing and don’t handle it well. Quoting the lyrics of the song: “our love is a poor sport, all we do is lose, then come back for more”. This is the 4th Single of url’s debut EP “ruiners club”, which will be out in full this November on Havêa Records.

Brick + Mortar – Mystery to Myself

American alternative rock duo Brick + Mortar released “Mystery to Myself”, the second single from their upcoming project. The song’s massive sound fits its momentous universal theme – it’s about the realization that you don’t recognize yourself and you don’t know who you’ve become, but you urgently want to find yourself again. The distorted synths and varying vocal tones lend to the tormented feeling of the lyrics. Lead singer Brandon Asraf sings “I try to believe in myself, to love myself, but the truth that I know is / I can’t love who I don’t know, and I’m a mystery to myself”. 

JIGI – Tonight

With a particular lack of patient for unnecessary promos and letting the tracks speak by itself is one very difficult thing to do nowadays. JIGI does it by not being afraid and showcasing that power in his tracks. “Tonight” is the latest and a track that mixes evident rock vibes with pop inuendos and very catchy elements that make us both wanna jump around, sing out loud, and enjoy music by what it transmits organically. It sure kicks ass. We dig it!