Los Niños – Star Odyssey

Ready to dance to the sounds of your childhood? We spoke to Los Niños and found out all about the project's first single, Star Odyssey.

We were all kids once.

We played, danced, studied, smiled and dreamed with our friends, those who were there with us, always willing to fight for us for a better world. We remember these moments with a lot of nostalgia and tremendous nostalgia because much of our experience started there.

Today it’s time to go back to our origins, to recreate what has already been lived and smile, smile until we can’t stand it anymore. Today’s soundtrack brings us the most irreverent collaboration of this early autumn across Europe. Get to know Los Niños and their first single.


Star Odyssey cover

The fifteenth anniversary of Rebirth Records brings to our ears Los Niños which, in good English, means the children. The kids, in this case, are two of the most resonant names in international electronic music: Luciano and Michel Cleis. The two are long-time friends, which made the whole creative process easier.

They went into the studio – their artistic playground – and the idea was, through a family mood, to talk about everything that came into their heads and play music until they couldn’t take it any more.

The result? “Star Odyssey”. A combination of electronic music mixed with Latin rhythms, where there is still time to hear guitar riffs, some drums and much, much happiness in the air. We feel like we’re in paradise, even if it’s raining outside. We can’t stop moving, given the absorbing energy that the song produces for about ten minutes.

After listening on repeat for the past few weeks, the challenge was clear: throw some questions to the artists we’ve become obsessed with.

And we did. Take a look at the interview below:

[WtMM] What an exciting new project. Can you tell us why you started Los Niños?

[Los Niños] We talked about doing some music together for a long time, but we were always busy with our own lives, as well as living in two different countries. At one point we were both back in Switzerland and as Lausanne and Lugano are not too far from one another, we managed to meet almost by improvisation. At first, we just wanted to spend time together again, do some music, catch up and have a laugh for a few days. We did also previously have some ideas we knew we wanted to develop, so of course, those ideas naturally came to the forefront when we were back together, and we hired some musicians and started to work on the tracks. By the 3rd day in the studio, in the middle of the session, we realised that we were onto something cool. It was very natural the way it happened, and that lead to starting as a dup project under the name of ‘Los Niño’s’.

Is the sound of the first track a guide as to what we can hear in the future?

Most likely. But it’s more about the action here than the objective. We started the creative process in a very instinctive way and want to keep this vibe. It makes it fun and enjoyable. We want to have fun and get excited when working in the studio, so if we keep taking this ethos when working on this project, surely some exciting new music will come from it. The plan is to use the same patterns and instruments during the journey.

What provided the inspiration for ‘Star Odyssey’? Does the track have a special meaning to you both, if so what’s the message?

We both have a passion for music in general, and we still dig every day when possible, to find new pleasure in every aspect of it. Pat Metheny is a reference for us both as we were looking for some starting material to work on. We contacted some music friends, and we quickly had a base to depart from. This track is the result of a long friendship and 3 days of fun. We just tried to be the summer feelings that we had with Pat’s original song.

 Is this the first time you have worked together?

In a studio, yes. But we have had a lot of fun in many DJ booths all over the world for a longtime J

Can you tell us who looks after what when it comes to production and more?

We do not have any special rules or jobs in the studio, we just take care of things when they are needed. It’s all very natural and done instinctively for us both. We both know what needs to be done and when, and we work seamlessly in the studio.

Did working together go smoothly?

Well, I think the above answer that! So yes, most of the time with us it’s about laughing, joking, and then being in that moment. No pressure, it just works. If something good comes out, then it’s just a bonus of the time we get to spend together.

What can we expect to see from Los Niños in the future?

For sure, some new music, and we did also receive some nice offers for a ‘Los Niños’ show. So let’s see what comes of that.

Two friends walk into a studio and…

they forget how shitty life outside can be sometimes, so they get back into the studio, and feel like children again with immense carefree happiness and pleasure forever and ever.

If you could describe your ethos of Los Niños in one word, what would it be?

Childhood 🙂

Where The Music Meets would like to thank Luciano, Michel Cleis and Emma Chambers for the interview.

Luciano and Michel Cleis went into the studio and, with this reinvention, brought out all their youth. It’s not just them who are currently playing in the playground – everyone who has heard “Star Odyssey” is definitely a Niño again. A WtMM recommendation.

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