Grand Pine – Hold Me Down

Folk, dreamy sounds and lyrics that everyone will feel a connection to: meet Grand Pine and their first studio album, "Hold Me Down".

Folk, personal growth, loneliness, heartache and disconnection. They seem like loose words, without a connection of their own, but that’s where we find, with great passion and dedication, Grand Pine. From Melbourne to the world, prepare to be surrendered to the most passionate songs for this early October 2021.


Hold Me Down cover

Five. We have five elements that will change the way we see life and how we should enjoy it in every moment.

We’re talking about Guy Perkins (vocals/guitar), Connor Black-Harry (guitar), Mike Ridley (keys), Pelaya Arapakis (drums) and Emma Hobbs (bass). Altogether, at the right time, they break ground on their innate talent, which transports listeners to the most incredible imaginary worlds ever.

This is the Australian band’s first studio album.

We are greeted with pomp and circumstance as we glimpse a cover worthy of the world’s most art museums. A true golden hour by the sea. We move on to the music because we also want this beautiful sea in our ears.

We start with “Hi/Lo”. We hear a guitar in the distance, which gradually grows inside us. It’s accompanied by voices many times – and it’s this unoon that begins to fill our soul little by little. Suddenly we are absorbed by the incredible voice of Perkins, in an indie-folk that makes us attentive until the last chord.

We move on to “Feel Alone”. The beginning, not very suspicious, reminded us of the Portuguese band Silence 4. And it is the best compliment we can give to the Melbourne band since it is one of the most cherished bands of the Portuguese public. Contrary to the name of the song, we don’t feel alone, but very alive and touched by what the group offers us in each stanza.

More melancholic and less tempestuous, we have “Back In Town”. We have our soul open wide to guitars, keys, drums, bass and a bit of trumpet. It reminded us of the Canadian band Arcade Fire, so special this track is being.

In the middle of this journey, we listen to “Sink Or Swim”, “Heart” and “Time Has Come”. More dreamy, with a mix of pop and alternative rock to the mix, it pulls us through what we are and can become, reminding us of one of WtMM’s most beloved discoveries, Feralman.

With words that fill our measure, we come to “Hold Me Down”. We have a touching and dramatic lyric, accompanied by a video of equal level, but which tries to play with all the musical involvement, so as not to be taken so seriously. It manages, despite everything, to be fun – and is that the right song for that walk in that perfect landscape. We’re clearly convinced that we need to move forward in it with our headphones up high while getting a fresh wind in our faces.

After so much internal reflection, we arrive at “Salvation”. We reach the supreme peak of the album, with an epic format that promises not to be indifferent to any listener.

They came, they saw and they won. Grand Pine’s first album is, more than music, a sure path to happiness. Whatever the instrument, the rhythm is always on point to make us want to listen more and better. A WtMM recommendation.

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