Theo – The World Is Not The Same

From a shining guitar to powerful drums, with Theo the indie-rock spirit is alive and kicking even when singing about the end of the world as we know it.

Theo is a fresh indie-rock based project based in the mind of João Gonçalves, a Guimarães-based singer, guitarist and producer. He incorporated several bands before recently creating what is a project much closer to his roots and taste. Together with Pedro Conde, they created Theo like a merge of strong indie rock with the Grunge feeling that was so typical in the ’90s.

Drawing from

The World Is Not The Same” is the single and titled-name track that marked the release of their debut EP, after starting in 2020 with a pair of strong singles entitled “Smoking Gun” and “Snake Eyes“. Earlier this year, they also released a touching Portuguese single “Um Céu para o Meu Cão” (a piece of heaven for my dog).

Heavily encompassed by a strong guitar-base, and a conceptual sonority that builds from both instrumental power and a lyrical perspective, almost any Theo’ song is an indie-rock trip where the listener alternates between feelings of hope and reflection and powerful feelings. The EP also presents itself in that way and the clearest example is the transition between the introductory spoken word track “Addiction” and the throw-punching addictive “One Thing at a Time“. The track that just gained a live-like video will linger inside your head for the rest of the day, and we guarantee you will want to get back to it consecutive times due to its natural power and guitar-lingering sonority.

Still, “The World is Not The Same” encompasses both perspectives in just one track. It starts almost resembling an Oasis track, but soon evolves (and involves) with a The Foals vibe, where the strong drums so easily resonate inside the listener. The track that is so very easy to sing along finds in the chorus the perfect hook to come back to. From the first chorus until halfway of the track we feel in a powerful journey where a powerhouse of a melody shines. From mid to end of the track there are creative variations that only seem to find the highest point in the chorus repetition and the gorgeous build up it assumes.

In sum, a no-brainer of a track that easily features as one of the best tracks we’ve listened to this year (you can find it here, together with other incredible releases that resonate with us the most).

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