Mat Hunsley – Backward Steps

Matt Hunsley's first release in four years is one of those honest tracks that immediately gains a special place in our hearts (and minds).

There are certain folk tracks that trully conect with us from the first instance. The key, I think, is building honesty into the track feeling from the first moment. Matt Hunsley latest track, “Backward Steps” is a step forward on ackonowlding how dealing with life and its instances is an exercise of never going backwards. And a track that fully embodies those feelings of honesty.

The track that marks the first advance of Matt Hunsley since 2017, addresses “the harsh reality that things cannot always go to plan, despite our best efforts, things will go wrong and we will all experience our fair share of disappointment” especially as we tend towards perfectionism, which typically is a loosing game. These strong lyrics coming from someone who has himself delt with expectation for the last three years, is a brutal lesson of sharing what comes from the deepest places in our minds.

The track sounds like a Folk fusion with bits of Rock and Pop, and is highlited by the great and deep vocals. Highly related with the lyrics, we are as listeners, taken into a trip of positivity and reality. It still dweels on his inspirations like James Vincent McMorrow, Nathaniel Rateliff and Woodkid, and sounds as light or as strong as the listeners feeling at the moment.

This is the first track released by Matt Hunsley in 4 years, but the first of many to upcome. You can follow him in the links below:

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