Anja Schneider Feat. Sophie Hunger – Aura

Good riddance for the road? We spoke to legend Anja Schneider who gave us a taste of her latest single, "Aura".

If there is a day when we wake up proud of what we do in this magazine, today will certainly be one of those moments.

You know those moments when you want to chat with your idols, but you never quite know how you’re supposed to interact with them? That’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in. But we were given a golden opportunity, and we complied gracefully.

We talked to a Goddess, one of those incredible people who have been giving us music to our ears forever, who plays everywhere we go dancing, and who, above all, we see friends, emerging artists and the more mature ones talking about her as the inspiration she is.

Check out Anja Schneider’s latest single, one of the hits of the year.


AURA cover

Anja Schneider needs no introduction for her immaculate work in dance/electronic music. She’s German by birth, and her songs wander with distinction through all the dance floors available on the face of the earth.

She has teamed up with the also stunning Sophie Hunger after the artist made a remix of her song, There Is Still Pain Left, some time ago.

Hunger’s voice in tune with Schneider’s advanced rhythmic beats could only make for an incredible piece of art, called “Aura“.

The song attempts to demonstrate the artist’s expression in these troubled times, along with the loneliness and darkness we have all experienced in life. The constant challenge to push for creativity and open new doors is evident, especially in these difficult times where most clubs are still closed/half-closed.

The result is extraordinary, leaving the dance floors of your homes wide open for what is a piece of true music to keep your feet on the ground.

Read the interview with Anja Schneider below:

[WtMM] How are you? How have these troubled times of pandemics been?
[Anja Schneider] I’m feeling good. I have had rest, which has left me to feel recharged and focused on all my future projects. As with many others, it’s not been an easy year, and we have all learned to cope with it in our own way. For me, it was concentrating on new music and projects to keep the momentum and passion going, but it was also a time to reflect and learn how you may do things differently going forward. It was a rollercoaster of emotion at times, but I hope that we all learned a lesson to not take everything for granted and taking care of yourself, your loved ones and the environment is paramount.

What was the idea behind “Aura”? 
“Aura” is my latest release on my label Sous, and I knew that I wanted to work with Sophie Hunger again after I was able to remix one of her tracks a few years ago. I am in love with her voice, with the deepness and power it brings. ‘Aura’ is a track that is heavier, and full of longing. I wanted to make music that expresses how I feel now, my mood and the loneliness and darkness we have all experienced in life. Making tracks for the dancefloor is always great, but at the time we didn’t have them, so why not make something else. I am so happy with the vocals from Sophie, it captured my emotions perfectly.

Given the million constraints we’ve been under because of COVID-19, was it tricky to record the song/interact with Sophie Hunger?
Not really, thank God for social media, the internet and Zoom! You’d be surprised how much you can do remotely, although it’s never the same as being in the studio together, you have to learn how to adapt.

What have you been listening to recently?
That is a very hard one to answer for me, as I have such a wide spectrum of what I listen to on a weekly basis. I have my weekly radio show, so the majority of my week is looking up new music and going through promos. I’d say I am up to date on what’s new in the electronic world right now and there’s a lot of amazing stuff out there.

What can we expect from Anja Schneider in the near future?
I do have a remix for David Mayer on Cacao Records, a new EP on HE!SHE!THEY! – a brand I love who are doing some amazing things for our scene. And finally, a single on HIVE Compilation and new releases on my label Sous Music.

With the last album in 2017, a pandemic and many challenges later, how would you describe, in one word, the Anja Schneider of the 20s?

Where The Music Meets would like to thank Anja Schneider and Emma Chambers for the interview.

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