Deer Anna – Dawn

Honest intensity about love and the tender vocals and electric acoustic guitar. Meet the gorgeous debut by Deer Anna.

Deer Anna Dawn

Dawn” is the first-ever single from Deer Ana. It is a natural indie-folk track that does not try to be more than it is, but which listening experience is beyond welcoming and nice.

The track conveys emotions and feelings of the first moments we love someone and how those special moments are something all of us experimented with at least once in our lives. “Dawn” encompasses those feelings or words with a gorgeous acoustic guitar that slides through at the same time as her naturally-vibed and welcoming vocals command the track. It feels like melancholia can actually be soft and nice, and brings out the idea of gratitude and togetherness.

It is also a track where we can easily get back to every single time. Sounds sweet and sounds calming. Sounds inspiring and not pretentious. It’s music in its purest of love forms. Deer Anna’s vocal innuendos also remind us of the gentlefolk of bands like Of Monster and Men, The Lumineers or The Head and the Heart, but somehow with a more calming, less explosive but still very effective inspiring message and sonority. which makes it very hard not to love this.

And to get those additional live (love) vibes up, here is an equally intense live version of the track she did for BIMM:

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