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Attention, Attention: this is a Somersault, and he is about to steal your heart out. We talked with him and got to know the latest about his new EP, Vision.

Ah, dancing, who doesn’t miss it? Of pulling the non-stop gallons of our feet, of that friction that doesn’t seem to leave our body and that connects with the rest of the people around us. The smiles. Yes, the smiles, because even in the darkest room of all there was a light that guided us inside, usually controlled by the incredible artist who was on stage managing the dance beats.

It feels like we’ve stopped in time for the last year and a half, but today it’s time to get back on the dance floor. We met Australian music producer Somersault in a flash and he definitely stole our hearts: not only for the music but the friendliness with which he spoke to us. Get to know his latest work.


VISION cover

One, two, three… twenty. Yes, twenty. We count about twenty releases full of music, inventions, beats, whatever you want to call it. In a quick google search, we see that Somersault is the equivalent of a somersault, 360 degrees. And this is exactly what he brought into our lives: the best of house music for talent on the ultimate rise.

This endless rhythm comes to us from Australia – and already has the support of many heavyweight names in the industry that makes us move to no end: Archie Hamilton, Stacey Pullen, Prunk, Groove Armada, Felix Da Housecat, Laurent Garnier, Karotte or Roger Sanchez.

This new incursion is released through the Amsterdam label PIV and features a special remix by the eloquent Jimpster. Without further ado, we move on to what matters: that rhythm that will make your day better.

This set has twenty-six minutes, separated by 4 tracks.

We start with “Vision“, and there’s no better way to get back on the dance floor. We feel that little chill in the belly for moving to the sound of music again, with a rhythmic beat reminiscent of a kind of jazz mixed with house and techno, and that leaves no one indifferent. It is truly powerful, to the point of making us want to keep this theme in the loop.

If we already became true “Vision” fans, now we add Jimpster‘s personal stamp to this theme. The result? Can we put the two together under one name? SomerJimpSault? Maybe not, but it is impossible not to be pleased with this symbiosis. Without seeing them, you can feel them both looking at each other, happy, and saying that it’s getting amazing what they’re doing. And we, on the track, confirm it: it’s fantastic.

And if we were left with 20/20 vision at the back, there’s no way you can get to “Speculate” with the energy at the highest level. We definitely feel some of the house music influences coming out in this track, but we believe this will be one of those songs that will be even more amazing live: because this genre is to be experienced at the highest level, with all our friends, known and not so much, by our side, feeling the same flow.

We close this EP with a golden key – and that’s where we get into “Switch“. The personal touch of the artist is clear in the four songs we heard: we have house music, a bit of techno, some jazz smiles and lots and lots of positive energy to give and sell. This song is no exception and gives a progressive switch from amazing to great from what we heard in this section. It’s pure, and you know what they say: what comes from the heart is always more beautiful. We confirm.

From an outstanding performance, we move on to some interesting words. We spoke a little bit with Somersault, and we unveil his fantastic answers below.

[WtMM] For those who don’t know Somersault, how would be the best way to describe you?
[Somersault] I’m a music maker and DJ from Australia. I’m obsessed with playing around with grooves, chords, old samples, textures, and atmosphere. I aim to make music for people to attach to moments in their lives. My secondary objective is to make people feel sexy when they listen. I love DJ’ing and being able to play a part in bringing people together. I live by the coast in Wollongong, which is an hour and a half south of Sydney. I have two dogs, love the ocean, cooking, and would eat pasta 7 days a week if it was nutritionally acceptable.

What can we expect from the EP and how did the idea come about?
My ‘Vision’ EP is comprised of four deeply layered, grooving house tracks. Three of them are originals and one is a remix by UK house veteran, Jimpster. You can expect the music to make you go “ooofffft” and perhaps whisk you away to simpler times, dancing under the summer sun. The ideas for the tracks came about while locked down in my home studio, with seemingly endless hours to experiment with sounds. As with most of my music, the tracks went through many variations over the following few months to eventually turn into the final work we have today. I wanted the tracks on the EP to have different identities and moods; Vision is euphoric, Speculate is optimistic, Switch is weird and the Jimpster remix of Vision is the big journey track.

Did the current concerns, with the pandemic and restrictions, have any impact on the creation/release of the album?
While locked down last year in the dreary Melbourne winter I wanted to write some music that helped me escape from my bedroom studio. My house was close to some bushland by the Yarra River, so I would often use my portable recorder down there to capture a mixture of natural and manmade ambient sounds. Those sounds are all through the record and you might notice if you listen closely. 2019 me would have never made time for field recording.

Current times are strange for creatives. Most of us have more time to dedicate to our craft than we’ve ever had before, but the flip side of this is the limited opportunities for the output of our work. For me, the situation fostered a volatile mental state, where I was making the most creative progress in my career yet was unsure about the future of the industry that I’d poured my life into. It took me a while to fortify my work ethic and redirect my mental energy to the positives when I noticed I was over-speculating. The track Speculate on the EP is all about that process.

As for release, I’m certainly going to miss bringing the music to dancefloors as the COVID situation currently isn’t under control in Australia. It’s nice to know events are happening again in Europe, and hopefully, this EP will get some dance floor plays. I’m hoping the EP finds its place in people’s homes as well and brings some joy to housebound groove sessions.

If you could describe your music in one word, what would it be?

We would like to thank Somersault and Emma Chambers for making this interview possible. Not only did we become fans of the music, but of the person: someone genuinely nice, caring and nurturing – who should be an example to other colleagues in the industry.

Somersault had a Vision, and with it, he definitely opened the door of his home to us. These are beats, of the loudest and most positive kind, that promise to dance us into the long hours of the morning and remind us of those old days when disco days were the best of our lives. A WtMM recommendation.

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