[TGIF] Resonating

No matter the genre or the style, no matter the background or the social network power. This is all about the best new music we heard last week.

August is about to end and even though we are not very happy with the end of the time-out on other work, we feel it’s finally time for people to listen more to music again. Perhaps these 8 tracks we feature today can resonate with you as a listener as they did on us. Again, no matter the genre or the style, no matter the background or the social network power. This is all about the best new music we heard last week.

Abe Parker – Slipping Through My Fingers

“Imagine if John Mayer met Ed Sheeran and they all moved to Atlanta to make a trap beat”. That’s the best way to describe Abe Parker. Parker combines his guitar chops and pop sensibility to create a unique and infectious sound. He humbly began his musical journey living out of his car after moving to Atlanta, GA from his small hometown of Blue Rock, Ohio. Since then Parker has toured from Maine to California. His latest track was released about two weeks ago and is one rare case of us talking about a cover. “Slipping Through My Fingers” originally from Abba is much more than a cover. And by gently combining pop with tasteful melodies and background elements, is impossible to stay indifferent to.

clide – curve me

21-year-old clide sounds like “born-and-raised in America“, though he wasn’t. Being half American, he grew up in Berlin, Germany, where he lives and creates music. Recently named “the best-kept secret” or “rare talent“ by music officials, one thing is for sure: clide is definitely ready to prove them right. While in 2019 his focus was on songwriting and testing his songs in underground locations in Berlin, in 2020 he released the EP “in my mind“. With a huge success, he is now nurturing all his capabilities into releasing tracks that are able to go across the entire world. It’s the case with the very-easy-to love “curve me” a bouncy, ‘lighthearted and self-ironic’ anthem to unrequited love and the third single from forthcoming sophomore EP “feelings“.

Domenic Haynes – Lost My Head

21-year-old Domenic Haynes embodies a deep sense of self and enlightenment beyond his years that lines his sound. His ability to root himself to earth has resulted in a deeply holistic and timeless sonority that is also inspired by the greats Jimi Hendrix and Muddy Waters along with blues, funk, psychedelic rock and hip hop. “Lost My Head“, his latest track, also showcases his unreal vocal capacity. Naturally commercial – and that will be good for him – he ranges from one tone to another and changes in so many ways his voice that we feel we are actually listening to several singers. The track that reminds us of greats like Lewis Capaldi, comes along with a beautiful video directed by Allen Jian where “the visual captures the dimly lit stillness that comes from moments of loss and beautifully envelops Domenic’s inimitable roar”.

Goodvibes Sound – Hello

Hello” is the fourth single from London duo Goodvibes Sound. They are described as “the groovy, indie, disco track that creates a summery vibe” and that’s about accurate. There is also an electric vibe about their sound as such as JUNGLE mixed with Pet Shop Boys and Daft Punk. Actually perfect for dancing on a rooftop while the sun goes down. We can dig the vocals sliding, we can dig the big emblematic basslines and we can totally feel the entire colourful sonority. Seemingly this actually sounds like a track that could last forever. And we tend to think that has to do with the energy of the duo and their capability for creating their own thing.

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Lia D’Sau – Bird

Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel we want to talk about Lia D’Sau once again and the second time in a row. Her track “Bird” released almost two weeks ago has been playing again and again around the office. Naturally romantic (just take attention to the lyrics) and young-feeling, there is so much breathing space and hooking modernity in this that is actually surreal how natural flowing her vocals sound. There is even a kind of electronic vibe in the transformation of the track as it progresses. Part of the emotional charge in the track seems to come from Lia’s upbringing and personal experiences: “I’ve been taught to look deeper at the world since I was a child, and I have things I want to say”. About the track, she states “this song means a lot to me, especially after these last 2 years of isolation and feeling trapped: in our homes, our countries, our heads. I wrote this song after I came home from watching the sunset at the beach one day, which is something I started doing daily during these times, and I was listening to “good days” by SZA. I think it was the day it came out, and I just felt so free, and alive like I hadn’t felt in a long time. This song is meant to be like a breath of fresh air after being stuck in a basement for a year“.

Marina Bennett – Til the End

Marina Bennett is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver BC, Canada and a self-proclaimed sonic storyteller. She uses her warm, powerful, and emotionally captivating voice to tell the stories of her deep feeling heart. Fusing pop, R&B and folk with a heavy-powerful dose of cinematics. “Til the End” is her latest release and a track that was written during the pandemic. It talks about how inevitably we must free fall into the experience and risk losing ourselves for the bliss of connection. Marina narrates her emotions as she finally finds her solitude and inner peace through self-love and allowing love back into her heart. 

Yehra – Resonate

Hailing from Canada Yeha is an electronic pop duo consisting of two modern age pen pals Barbadian-Canadian singer Jen Mahon and Danish producer Rasmus Liebst. Having met each other for 10 years and never been personally together, this year they started Yehra as a band. In “Resonate” they truly deliver on the promise of a two-sound unexpected blend making the most out of Mahon’ sun-kissed sonority and Liebst’ Nordic coolness. After the debut with Daydreaming, they now release “Resonate” with also a full EP also released with the same name that incorporates two more tracks and the previous. The track is astonishing. Takes the best out of a dreamy pop ambience and makes it both cold and colourful. It’s inspiring and haunting. It makes us sing along and dream even further. And reminds us of great acts such as Banks, Lana Del Rey and Daughter at the same time.

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Our Violet Room feat. Emma Cole – Winter

Violet Room is the musical project of Matthew Birch. Natural from Denver and with references such as Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, Bob Dylan and Coldplay where he finds the most inspiration is among indie songwriters, like himself. “Winter” is his latest track and a collaboration with Emma Cole. The track talks about both the external and internal changes that seasons bring, and is not afraid of going emotional and deep. Naturally, folk, but also with lights of pop all over, what resonates the most is the vocal tone, the gorgeous female echo and guitar supporting a relaxing-melancholic vibe. Perfect for soundtracks on emotional series but also brutally honest and easy to love by any pair of ears with a decent heart. And that’s probably one of the toughest things to do in music nowadays.