Shane Malone – Split in Two

Guitar and vocals, hand-in-hand, and a track that reminds us of the best of The Smiths and The Cure, with a modern twist

In need of that kind of vibes that leave you feeling better and asking for a live show? Shane Malone latest track “Split In Two” is a mix of pop and rock that does exactly that.

Split In Two

By composing audio story tails that sound both familiar (and retro like The Smiths or The Cure) and fresh with a summer-like and constant vocal-guitar joy. Both go hand-in-hand in “Split In Two” in such a way that at times we can’t quite separate the two and get the feeling the song wouldn’t exist any other way. For us, that is how we measure a good composition.

About the latest track, he states: “this song is about the crossroads I’m at in my life right now. I am studying computer science, and as I get closer to graduating it’s difficult to manage both my music career and engineering career. It feels like there are two competing sides of myself, and I feel like a fraud in both regards“. He encourages and lives for second interpretations though, and with lyrics like these, it’s easy to think of other subjects. Be it, the subject of love included.

About Shane Malone

Shane Malone is a 20-year-old indie artist from North Florida who started releasing his tracks in 2019. With consecutive EP launched in the same year, soon he showcased his artistic and creative capacity. After 2019 he seemed to have changed tactics. Putting all his art (and again creativity) on releasing individual tracks capable of entering the indie world and leaving a mark. In 2020 he released “Stranger” and “Nowhere“, and in 2021 the duo-release “Right Time // River Devotional“, “Ants” and the latest “Split in Two“. All these singles have also something in common: the art that showcases the single leaves a trademark and makes an impact featuring several black figures that take the human form and behaviour.

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