EREZ – Dance It Away

"Dance It Away" is a slow-burner indietronic track that reaffirms dancing as a self-empowerment statement.

Dance It Away” is already the fourth single released this year by EREZ and the one that captures our attention the most. The merge between deep electronic elements with pop and rock elements could explain it a bit, but we can’t quite frame it in the musical genre either.

The Queer artist “describes it as a sexy slow-burner with a late-night beat” and by self-producing it she is the most entitled to state anything about it. We agree. We also feel the track is fully emotional and can engage with the listener profoundly (check the lyrics that make us slide until the chorus below).

Lay down your head
Lay down your head
And I’ll pick up instead

Give thoughts to me
Give thoughts to me
And I’ll pick up instead

Clinging to the ledge now
Brought to your limit
Pull back and space out
Then brick by brick
I tear your wall down
Make sure you know
That I’m here to stay

Let’s dance it away (away)
A taste of escape (escape)
Get carried away (away)
Tell nothing remains (away)

It sounds like a self-empowerment track, that brings “the guns” to the table by inviting the listener to dance along. Moloko’s Róisín Murphy would be proud of the amount of electronic and deep feelings the track emanates. As she can also be proud of the dancing move it features (check the lyric video) and transmits. The act of dancing is portrayed as a way of being truly able to clear our minds and take beyond that into an empowerment statement. And we did get carried away by it. So easily.

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