Mothé – Summer’s Almost Gone

From pop to rock, falsetto-like vocals to powerful hooks, this is the extraordinary non-binary rock world of Mothé.

Spencer Fort is the name behind the musical project Mothé. Non-binary and activist about it, he’s been releasing great tracks after great tracks, with the last two being quite evidently wells of creativity and novelty we like to dive into consecutive times.

photo by @kylie_shaffer_ (IG)

Summer’s Almost Gone” is the name of the latest track. Released about a month ago, the track is two-folded, resting or firing the guitar-paced vibes on almost every change and being magical about it too. The video encompasses pictures of his Summer, by himself in the pool cooking flowers instead of burgers and drinking by the pool. The vocals in the chorus are light falsettos that feel like a Summer wind that feels just right. The lyrics talk about how he lingers on someone he lost and about the contradictory feelings of Summer and nostalgia. The variations are what hooks us so much into it. The drums are spot on when the track needs to be pushed a different way. The electric guitar provides doses and doses of energy without sounding less melancholic but still positive in a way. And the vocals are always silky smooth and breezy.

This is the second single Mothé releases this year, after the release of “Debt Collector” about 4 months ago. The track has already gathered thousands of plays (about half a million) and appreciation from all over. And that might be related again with the silky-rock platform this is for the feelings. This one talks about drawing back on memories not-so-nice, and when someone used to bring him down and about how love can take bad forms too. More electrified and urgent than the latest track, it is filled with powerful indie rock vibes and, again, gorgeous variations and a chorus that sticks into our head like glue. There is a notion of 80s and 90s rock for sure, but it’s hard to decipher what it resembles. With an evident self-evidence of Mothé personality all over it.

Both tracks are part of Mothé debut EP also entitled “Summer’s Almost Gone“. The EP also features “Dancing on An Empty Floor” which resembles a bit of the Killers type of romantic-rock power and “Wrong Places” which mixes more pop elements and electronic/electric guitar triggers.

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