Kelaska – Old Ghosts

With an unusual vocal capacity and meaningful lyrics, Kelaska's new track "Old Ghosts" is a clever pop song for the masses.

Kelaska is one of those girls who spent her entire childhood years writing silly pop songs in her bedroom. Well, at least that’s how she sees it when looking back. Somehow, those songwriting sessions brought her to a level where she can deliver great pop tracks after great pop tracks. The latest one is entitled “Old Ghosts“. And while minimal at first-listen it is also one of those “silly” pop tracks that grow into much more. And among others delivers true feelings when listening to it.

Lyrically (check the full lyric video below) “Old Ghosts” is about being capable of valuing and understanding those relationships you’ve lost: “I often lay awake at night and think about what went wrong with certain people and the things I should’ve done differently. There are a lot of songs out there that take on the victim role, I thought it would be an interesting spin to own up to your mistakes“. And if we take a deep look into ourselves we all know we might have something to blame ourselves. At some point in time, we were too harsh (or the opposite) or we’ve not found the time or the right amount of feelings and understanding to preserve a particular relationship.

Kelaska’s tracks are also inspired by the big ones from the ’70s like Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac or Queen. Or the ’90s and ‘2000s emblematic bands like Death Cab for Cutie, KT Tunstall or The Killers. And that shows. There are elements that remind KT Tunstall’s pop-rock, and there are electro or acoustic elements that take us simultaneously into recent indie and old indie. But there is also a big simplicity and honesty in her songwriting and the way she delivers a meaningful sonority. Catchy for ages, surprising but still familiar. With an unusual vocal capacity, this is clever songwriting for the masses.

After revolutionizing her 2020 with 10 (!) EP’s covering famous songs, she debuted with three stand-alone singles and surpassed 100k streams in few months. Also in 2020, she created her debut EP entitled “Nostalgia” ending the year with millions of streams. “Old Ghosts” is her second single of 2021, and a track that really showcases her place in music-making, and especially in the meaningful pop world. – Twitter – Instagram – YouTube – SoundCloud