Archie the Goldfish – Water & Light

Jazz, the best refreshment for this sweltering summer. Meet Archie the Goldfish and their second EP, Water & Light.

Warning, warning: scorching temperatures are approaching across Europe. In particular, Portugal could reach historic highs. Cool down, in gardens, on the beach, in the pool, with good company and, above all, with music that fills your soul and refreshes you even more.

Are there perfect formulas for this? Maybe not, but we have a perfect suggestion for this incredible summer weather. Meet the stunning Archie the Goldfish project and their latest EP.

Water & Light

Water & Light cover

Jazz. The kind we want to hear everywhere. Yes, that’s right. It’s a breath of fresh air straight through our whole body. We can’t get restless listening to these sounds – and this ensemble that unites multiple nationalities, cultures and countries brings just that: a breeze of happiness to our lives.

The project, from 2020, is composed by Graeme Flowers, British, one of the greatest trumpet players in the world, having already performed with great names like Quincy Jones, Gregory Porter, Michael Bublé, Taylor Swift, Cee Lo Green, Tom Jones, Simply Red, Paul Weller or Duran Duran and Chris Bestwick, another jazz playmaker, backing multiple pop singers and performing with artists from the UK, Algeria, Morocco or Turkey. Currently, he writes and is responsible for several projects in Helsinki, Prishtina and the Hague.

For Water & Light, three more incredible artists were called: Nadia Basurto, from Barcelona, with a voice to delight everyone, graduated in 2012 from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where she lives. She has influences from jazz, R&B and Spanish, Brazilian and African musical cultures. Kishon Khan, a Bangladeshi pianist, composer, arranger and producer, has settled in London, where he is known for his imperial quality on the keys. He is the leader of the band Lokkhi Terra. Last, but not least, from Wales, Aidan Thorne, an emerging bassist, has a band called Duski. He also participates in three other bands: Slowly Rolling Camera, Burum and tuk tuk.

This is the second EP of the ensemble. We go on this journey with Archie, a Goldfish that promises not to leave anyone indifferent. We move on to the sea, in a 22-minute crossing.

And it is with On a “Summer’s Day” that we are delighted on the very first listen. The fresh rhythm with drums, trumpet, piano and bass are certainly made with a smile from ear to ear. Halfway through, we’re greeted with an otherworldly voice that subtly accompanies us, as if it’s passing us a secret. We’re fresh, definitely.

Setting Out” lowers the initial frenetic rhythm a little. More introspective, with a serene and clear way of being with life. It’s good to keep up with what’s going on around us while we listen attentively to the words the band transmits to us.

First Light” sounds like a dream. Better, it sounds like happiness in the open air. It’s time to declare ourselves to our best companion. It’s jazz, in its purest soul.

“Hello Again”, that’s how “Changing Places” starts. And we listen supernaturally to the vocal power of those who sing. We’re awestruck by the talent we’re witnessing.

We close on Atlantis. We were refreshed in the best possible way, with powerful rhythms of natural jazz, without great fireworks or inventions. It’s beautiful, and we feel like sharing it with the world.

Water & Light is that summer drink we’ve been longing for to balance our body temperature. No heatwave can resist so much desire to be more and better, which this band brings us. A refreshment recommended by the WtMM team.

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