Rascal Miles – Baby Baby

With one of the catchiest choruses we heard this year, this is another stunner-beautiful lullaby by Rascal Miles.

Rascal Miles is wearing a grey coat and a black sweather. Very small hair and looking directly to the camera with honest and sweet eyes.

The newest track by the non-binary indie musician and activist Rascal Miles is a beautiful indie ballad that mixes some gorgeous retro indie folk-rock elements with a tender voice of a natural storyteller. “Baby Baby” resonates so easily inside us we could do any of our day-to-day activities listening to it, and still feel lullabied.

About a month or so ago, we wrote about Rascal Miles. This is something to highlight as some of the new musicians we send music to us do it proactively and with a lot of tracks. Many of them don’t have, however, the capacity to insist, as Rascal Miles does. And that actually reflects on another quality that ends to correlate: the quality of the music they make. For us, this is clearly the case with Rascal Miles. The more music we get sent by Rascal, the better the songs get. And the easier it is to say yes.

Baby Baby

Just like the previous “Tailor-Made, “Baby Baby” makes use of what already seems to be Rascal Miles trademark in terms of sonority: the guitars, drums, bass, cello, trombone, keys, banjo and percussion soundscape. This rich instrumental base is somewhat put into the track in the most natural way possible, or at least is how it feels. It’s like Rascal’ – who does it all alone – way of building the tracks is very similar to building the lyrics, and each element fits a purpose of honesty and poetry: “to help you dream of the world you didn’t know to dream of“.

The track is mixed by Adam Selzer (She & Him, Esme Patterson), and mastered by Sarah Register (Big Thief, The Shins), and we can clearly feel all these influences shining through. There is at the same time a clear retro feel, a simplistic romantic approach where everything comes from the heart, and a natural wordsmith and almost-melancholic singing.

But above all, are the lyrics, and all the ways they speak directly to our heart (and the catchy “to be with you ooh ooh” that linger for so long on our heads) feeling like a modern Springsteen. And everything is amplified even more with the lovely-honest and Summer-felt music video by Sam Gehrke.

More about Rascal Miles can be found in the links below, and we also added the lyrics for you to sing along:

Baby baby
Fly away with me
Let’s lock our eyes and
Throw away the key
There is no other way
To be with you
Ooh ooh

You ride shotgun
I’ll be your getaway driver
Ditchin’ directions
Compasses pointin’ to each other
These constellations lightin’ up the way
Hey let’s get lost

In the force field surrounding us
Like a spaceship blastin’ off
In a bubble that can’t pop

Honey honey
I’m stickin to you like
India ink
Tattooed skin and super glue-like
A pair of penguins
In love bustin’ out of the zoo
Ooh ooh

You call my name
I’ll operate the lines
I could pick your voice out
In a crowd of any size
Just send your signal
I will find your flare in the sky

I see your sparks flyin’
Feel your electric current
Like heat lightning striking from within

Cutie pie
I like what you’re made of
You know that I’m a sucker for ya
In just one bite to my bubble gum
I’ll turn your tongue blue
Ooh ooh

You draw blueprints
I’ll manage construction usin’
Bookshelves and blankets
To build a safe space just for us and
I’m more at home than I’ve ever been
In the fort in your living room

And finally
You fixed the teleport machine
A magic portal taking you straight to me

Baby baby
Transcend space and time with me let’s
Lock our eyes and
Throw away the key
There is no other way
To be with you
Ooh ooh

Baby baby
Float away with me let’s
Blow up balloons
And tie our limbs to every string
There is no other way
There is no other way
There is no other way
There is no other way
There is no other way
To be with you
Ooh ooh

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