Southey – Run River

"Run River" is an intricate piece that allows us to look inwards while enjoying great folk.

Southey is a Sydney independent musician who just released on July 28th their debut single – “Run River“. According to the artist’s Spotify bio, they are present in every aspect of this single, not only writing, recording and producing the track, but also “hand-painting the cover art and even constructing a guitar to be used for the record“.

Run River” is an hauntingly broody folk rock track that showcases a very crisp production and deep vocals. It actually felt like a cross between a mix of old favorite of ours – Bear’s Den, Old Sea Brigade and X Ambassadors. The vocals are of a deep and compelling nature sung over a delicate and engaging soundscape that explode into the chorus, bigger each time it comes around.

To us, “Run River” is an intricate piece that speaks of a person who is a pioneer of their life, untwining and unraveling life’s lessons as they go through them. It really is an opportunity to look inwards while enjoying great folk. And above all, “Run River” is a great indication that amazing things Southey may be preparing to release, after such strong debut.

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