Mia Pixley – Margaret in the Wild

Jazz to fill up your soul? Meet the extraordinary Mia Pixley and her first studio album, "Margaret in the Wild"

Today was a day of falling in love, of feeling loved, of wanting to cherish – and be cherished. We discovered a pearl. One of those pearls that we just want to share and show to the whole world.

Today is the day of Mia, and her first – and incredible – original album. Stay with her.

Margaret in The Wild

Margaret in the Wild cover

Mia Pixley has a PhD in clinical psychology and a supernatural talent in the art of playing the cello, along with a sweet voice that seems to caress us with every sound we hear.

This is the North American’s first album and promises listeners a direct connection to the most intimate roots of the land. It represents the most unapologetic form of the singer, with nothing to hide, in the purest moment given to everyone’s world.

This journey unfolds in nine songs.

We begin with “Intro: Core (Instrumental)“. A haunting art form, where, when you close your eyes, the sensation is unanimous: it feels like you are in a forest, breathing pure air, the kind that fills your soul. It sounds like something out of a movie, but it is Pixley’s life that passes by our ears, in such a beautiful and captivating way.

In a flash, we move on to “In the Daylight“. And it is in this song that we get the superb presentation of the artist’s voice. It reminded us directly of Norah Jones and her supreme jazz/blues/folk that we sing along to for hours on end. We found ourselves in the middle of the green, in a danceable rhythm, screaming loudly “In the Daylight“.

The first impression of “Good Taste” was straightforward: the initial rhythm reminded us of one of our favourite series, Better Call Saul – and one of the themes that used to end each episode. The momentum is extremely sensual and catchy, with the cello melding extremely clearly and healthily with Pixley’s voice. The piano comes in at just the right moment, to carry our souls to paradise. Jazz at its purest.

With a bit of gospel in between, we come to “Mama’s Got Snacks” and a perfect symbiosis between angelic voices and some blues to listen and cry for more.

In the middle, a poem by Christopher Shaw. “Voices” is a way to sing out loud and clear a different way of developing a song. And so well does the ensemble look in this entourage.

Everything is Slow Motion” is definitely for a more strolling, less racing pace. But it’s where we get six minutes where we feel like we’re in one of those long-running musicals, where we can’t escape even a minute. And Mia’s vocal power is unmistakable: this is a force of nature.

We move on to “African Prayer“. And this is where we join all the previous beautiful points: whether it’s jazz, blues, gospel, or just the sound of the cello, everything is right when we all smile out loud.

In “Between Sound” hits us in the soul with its inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale format. We can’t help but feel it, even when the artist’s voice solemnly enters the song. It’s beautiful.

We close with “Watering“. And it is at a more Lana del Rey pace that we feel we have found that perfect slow song for the end of the day.

Mia Pixley is an incredible voice, with an immense talent that will leave no soul indifferent. Whether it’s for hugging, kissing, cuddling, dancing, or even crying, there is the perfect rhythm for every situation in Margaret in the Wild. A beautiful album, with an angelic voice that gives us the best words, ever. A WtMM recommendation.

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