Slow Dress – Switching Sides

Emotional folk-rock is a thing as natural as life when you go deep with it in the matters of the heart and mind. Meet Slow Dress!

Picture showing the two members of Slow Dress. They are sitted side by side, looking relaxed, their legs are crossed, they look at the camera. They look happy but also like they hide something. He is wearing a jacket and boots, she is wearing a stripped sweather and jeans.

“Love exists and I don’t question it” – it’s part of how the honesty in Slow Dress’s folk-rock songwriting got us intensely. In “Switching Sides“, their latest track, we can hear a haunting vocalist and a powerful guitar, but we can mostly hear the amount of feeling the track portrays.

Described as “accessible and unnerving” and being a direct manifestation of Katie Solomon’s take on the uncertainty of life, love and her emotions, there is a complex depth about it. Just like life itself. She is like an open book. And Slow Dress is the way, together with Bredon Jones, they find to let all the others know we are all on more or less the same boat. A boat made of contradictory feelings where the apocalyptic dread is felt on almost every little thing we do. Taking inspiration from acts like Julia Jacklin and Lucy Dacus, the duo that met on an open mic night at the Lizard Lounge in Boston has been also compared to the sonorities of Kate Bush and Florence Welch and played together in the Boston-based band Jakals, before moving into a project of their own. Slow Dress was born “trading in sonic heaviness for lyrical and musical intimacy“.

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About “Switching Sides” she says:

When I wrote this song, I was navigating a lot of confusion about my relationship. I loved my partner so much and yet I continued to have questions about whether I was with the right person. Thankfully, since writing that song I’ve worked hard to shift out of that mindset of trying to find the “right” thing and instead, paying more attention to what I feel and want. But, this song depicts the turmoil I was experiencing at that time and how difficult it can be when you don’t trust your own feelings.

The track is part of Slow Dress debut EP entitled “Fever” just released after 4 singles in 2020. It counts with other marvellous tracks like the piano-growing “Butterfly“, and the more rock-based (and Florence and the Machine like) “Everyday Affair“. You can listen to it below:

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