Feralman – Let It Heal You

Grab your belief and imagination: it's time to be a better person - and Feralman's new single is, without any doubt, the perfect song for that matter

After going through Feralman’s life from east to west on his first album, Chapters 35-43, in a more sensitive, gentle and, at the same time, historic touch, the artist is back, slowly unveiling what will be his new musical incursion.

Make no mistake: we keep talking about Folk, the one that fills our soul – and inspires us to be more and better.

Let It Heal You” brings us a more up-tempo, vibrant – epic, even – version of Feralman. We feel powerful listening to it, able to conquer anything and everything, in any situation. The cinematic idea is brilliant, with a pure touch of the most incredible films ever. The Celtic, Scottish and Irish symbiosis seem very evident in what we are listening to, chilling our bodies with each passage that is unveiled.

Taking the artist’s words:

“My debut album was an introspective, literal album reflecting on some major life events that happened to me during an 8-year window. These included loss of loved ones (my mother, my daughter, and others), illness (a brain tumour diagnosis and a journey of healing), childbirth and more.

“Let It Heal You” gives a window into my new album’s vibe, which is a collection of inspiring, uplifting, inspirational songs told as metaphorical stories. It is called “Allegories”. It is inspired by my own journey through challenging times and celebrating the strength and courage to not only fight on but to really push to fulfil your ambitions. It is about believing. And achieving.

The lead single “Let It Heal You” is about realising your true potential. It is about not accepting the feeling of constraint or entrapment in life. It is about breaking free of the metaphorical chains that bind you and soaring with empowerment and majesty as you break free of the shackles and ‘go for it’. It is told using the metaphor of a caged and tethered dragon.”

Frame took from “Let It Heal You” video.

Grab your belief and imagination: it’s time to be a better person – and Feralman’s new single is, without any doubt, the perfect song for that matter.

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